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  1. The truck has been sitting for a few days. I'm sure it rained while I was gone. I know that I have a small leak in the third brake light, which I replaced the gasket. I opened the rear passenger door and hear sloshing, pulled the plastic trim off the bottom of the door and water poured out every hole at the bottom. Guess they are there for that reason, but I have no idea how so much water got into the door. All windows were closed, etc. Any ideas?
  2. My wife's 2016 Legacy does the same. Should have a sensor in it like a phone, auto brightness/dimming.
  3. Exactly, I keep building an AT4 online but keep going back to the Silverado. Also, those wheel wells affect what size tire size you can run.
  4. The Icon truck is running a 315/70/17 which is a 34.5" tire. They also run a 17" inch wheel so it does clear the caliper. The Icon wheel is 8.5" wide with a 4.75" backspace and 0 offset. According to Icon you can run a stock wheel, but they do not specify what 18" tire size.
  5. Luck< Engineering If you watch the GMT-900 crash tests, it would make you want an F-150.
  6. From someone who responds and cuts people out of cars, I'd say that is pretty safe. Now for the offset tests, those are the ones to worry about.
  7. I haven't seen an official crash test, but this video popped up in my YouTube feed.
  8. Did Chevy Botch SEMA 2018?

    Chevrolet has been dropping the ball for a while now. The 2019 "new" Silverado is a disappointment at best. Ford and Ram have been bringing their "A" game, especially from what I have seen at 2018 the Sema show. As a potential truck buyer, Chevrolet is third on my list. They claim to use focus groups and I think they are the same ones that choose automatics in Corvettes.
  9. Yes, ALL new diesels.
  10. It's called, having your cake and eating too.
  11. This is exactly what I wanted in the Trail Boss. Luxury, tech and offroad ability.
  12. They spend their whole budget on the interior....................
  13. Thanks, factory gear swaps are out of the equation.
  14. Not asking about ratios, just the axle. Max is 9.76 and wondering if the trail boss gets that axle. Thanks

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