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  1. I always get the Z71. My GMC has the Z71 and all-terrain package . Why are you worried about $275 when spending the big $$ on the truck anyway. Just get it and don't look back.
  2. afm delete?

    I notice mine very seldom goes to V4 mode . I only know if I watch it . I have never felt it kick in or out , smooth as glass (8,800 miles so far). If I buy a programmer (off the shelf type) I will disable it .I bought a v8 and I want to drive a v8. I honestly don't think it makes a difference since it's in V4 so seldom . I have 3.42 gears so maybe that makes a difference i don't know . Maybe it will be more noticed to me when I put 285's on it , IDK. I see some people on here that said they don't have AFM , I thought all 5.3's had it .
  3. 4x4 Dash Light Indicator

    I wish my 2011 has some type of indicator as to what mode your in . Its only on the little dial and not easy to see . Why didnt they put something on the dash/speedo area with all the other gadget lights .
  4. For a street truck you maybe right. Not good for off road unless you have ample sidewall . lol , I am a little old school . I want to swap my factory crappy 18's for a set of aftermarket 17's because I can buy a set of rims and tires for the price of 18" tires like a BFG AT 285/70/17.
  5. Seems like just about everybody likes these 20" wheels. IMO they are "sport" wheels for street only tires. 20" wheels are also not prefered for any type of off road use, not enough sidewall. OP, if you plan on doing any off roading, 17-18" wheels is the way to go IMO. I totally agree !!! 17" or 18" if you plan on off roading .
  6. I like those all terrain rims !! I have a 2011 all terrain and wish i had those . I have chrome clad 18" on mine. Keep them.
  7. The front drive shaft will turn no matter what transfer case you have unless you have locking front hubs - that are unlocked. This is totally correct .

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