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A.R.E. Expands Lighting Options For Fleet and Comm. Owners

  • John Goreham
    Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
    A.R.E, the leader in truck caps and tonneau covers (and friend to GM-Trucks.com), now offers an expanding selection of lighting options for both the interior and exterior of truck caps and tonneau covers. A.R.E.’s ultra-efficient LED options are rated for 100,000 hours, lasting more than twice as long as incandescent lighting.


A.R.E. LED lighting options include:
* Dome lights — Wired directly into the vehicle’s electrical system and offered with an optional prop switch, A.R.E. dome lights conveniently turn on and off when the door is opened and closed, or can be controlled with a manual on/off switch.
* Rope lighting — High-intensity rope lighting offers versatility in lighting the interior of a truck cap or toolbox. Opt for a single four-foot rope at the center of the cap or use two parallel ropes with one on either side of the inside roof. Or, place them inside above windows, inside toolboxes or to illuminate the entire chamber.
* Rigid Industries LED Lighting — A.R.E. has teamed with Rigid Industries, to offer ultra-bright work lights. Known for durability and brightness, Rigid Industries’ products offer a lifetime warranty. For nighttime work, choose 36-inch or 48-inch bar lighting, which can be positioned on the front of the cap to shine directly on the project at hand, or to light up an entire work space.
* Rear door lighting — This new fixture replaces the optional incandescent 12-volt light the industry has used for decades. Much brighter than its predecessor, the light is mounted inside the truck cap above the rear door, allowing closer detail work, such as paperwork, without the need to hold a flashlight..
* Exterior lighting — A.R.E. offers lighting for up to 10 different locations on the rear quarters of the DCU, distributed based on the functionality required by the customer.

Fleet and commercial customers can find more on A.R.E. Accessories' LED lighting and more at this link.

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