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Buick pairs with schools for fundraiser test drive events

  • By Zane Merva

    Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com



    Buick is expanding a fundraising opportunity it is offering to local schools. "Drive for Your Students" is a test drive initiative that pairs local dealerships with local high schools. The premise is pretty simple. The High School host the event, students work it, and Buick provides the cars. The school earns $10 per test drive for the first 100 drives. After that the donation doubles, to $20, up to $10,000 in total.



Buick says schools need way to fund elective programs and this is a "dynamic" way to do it. The program is also labeled as a resume builder for the teens. While the effort is noble, I can't help but feel that kids pitching their best friend's mom an Enclave for after-school cash seems a teeny bit weird. What do you think?



“Schools are always seeking dynamic opportunities to support their extracurricular activities and elective programs,” said Keller (Texas) Independent School District Director of Athletics Bob DeJonge. “It provides an opportunity for the students to build their resume with relevant work experience and for the community to demonstrate support for the school.”


“Drive for Your Students” joins Buick’s celebration of academics and achievement, which includes the Buick Achievers Scholarship Program. To date, Buick Achievers, funded by the General Motors Foundation, has provided nearly $28 million in scholarships to students across the U.S. Buick also is a partner of the NCAA and supports achievement in college sports.

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