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Chevy Colorado Sales Drop Noticably In June

  • John Goreham
    Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
    After many consecutive months of reporting ever-growing sales for GM trucks, the month of June proved the spoiler. Yes, the Silverado and the Sierra both did very well compared to June 2014, but look a little deeper and one sees that the Silverado and Sierra both sold at almost exactly the same rate as last month (May 2015). The expansion of GM truck sales stopped in June. At least temporarily.

The Chevy Colorado's drop in sales from May (8,881) to June (6,558) was significant. The GMC Canyon was also down about 20% in June (compared to May). Toyota's mid-size pickup truck market share grew in June with the Tacoma selling at 15,959. With both companies now building trucks on three shifts, we can see how the market will end up stabilizing. Toyota will retain a 2 to 1 or greater sales advantage unless something changes. In just a month or two the newly designed and much improved 2016 Toyota Tacoma will go on sale making things a bit more difficult for Chevy's Colorado. However, the Colorado is bringing a new diesel engine to the game, so that should offer Chevy at least a few months of strong sales. Toyota does not plan to offer a diesel.

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I don't really see many either. My local Chevy/GMC lot has a lot of full size trucks, but I believe only ONE of the mid-size.


How are you supposed to grow the numbers if there aren't any for sale? At the same time, the incentives were pretty thin on the trucks in June. July is a little better, and maybe that's directly the result of June having been a slow finish to the first half of the year. Still a lot of inventory out there that needs to go before the '16s can start cluttering the lots...

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