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GM helps Tom Brady pass Colorado to Malcolm Butler

  • By John Goreham

    Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com


    In a classy move, GM is playing along with Tom Brady’s wish to pass his MVP truck prize along to the rookie that ended the game with a spectacular interception. Over the past week, Brady confirmed he would like to give Malcolm Butler the Motor Trend Truck of the year winning Chevy Colorado. However, tax issues and other logistics seemed to indicate that might be a financial fumble. ESPN has reported that GM will play along and make the play directly to Butler.

At issue are tens of thousands of dollars in gift taxes. Butler and Brady can both afford the gift tax, but if Brady were to receive the truck first, then pass it to Butler, both might end up owing tax on it. GM agreeing to present the ownership of the truck directly to Butler makes the play cleaner. Brady took the snap last week in a press conference in which Dale Sullivan, Chevy’s western regional director passed him the keys. ESPN reports that was a play-action fake and that the real handoff goes to Butler tomorrow.






Still image courtesy of Bring the Pain Sports and Youtube.

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