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GM Sales Highlights For March 2016

  • John Goreham
    Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
    General Motors continues to take market share in the retail sector. March was a continuation of most of the same trends we have seen so far. Crossovers and trucks up (or at full capacity) and most of GM's cars down - way down. The Malibu is the happy exception. We don't know how many were sold to fleets, but does that even matter? A sale is a sale. The Malibu is now selling at a 22K per month rate. It is up 37% for the year.


The Silverado, Sierra, Colorado, and Canyon are also selling well. GM continues to find ways to build and sell more full-size trucks and it has now reached its new maximum for the mid-size trucks. The low point of the sales figures are GM's premium and luxury cars. All of Buicks cars and all of Cadillac's cars are trending down. One car bucked the trend. The new Buick Cascada hit the lots this month and the convertible managed to sell about 814. That might not sound like much, but consider that the new Miata sold 1001 units in March and its is not a bad start.

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