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Meet GM's Global Design Chief Ed Welburn Before He Retires

  • John Goreham
    Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
    General Motors has announced that design chief, Ed Welburn (left in above image), will retire July 1st after 44 years with GM. Welburn has been GM's design chief since 2005. Michael Simcoe has been selected to succeed Welburn. Simcoe is a 33-year veteran of GM and current vice president of GM International Design, based in Australia and Korea.


Mary Barra, GM chairman and CEO commented on Welburn's departure, saying, “GM Design is among the most respected and sought-after organizations in the industry because of Ed’s leadership. He nurtured a creative, inclusive and customer-focused culture among our designers that has strengthened our global brands."
If you are able to be in the Cambridge Mass. area this May 26th you can attend the New England Motor Press - MIT annual conference and meet Ed Welburn. This year's topic is "The Intersection of Technology and Design." Mr. Welburn will be among the panelists. Other attendees will include:
Timothy Anness, Head of Advance Design, FCA – North America
Mary Gustanski Vice President Engineering & Program Management
Dr. Gill Pratt CEO, Toyota Research Institute (TRI)

To sign up, simply visit the NEMPA-MIT website. GM-trucks.com staff as well as the editors of AutoInsane will be in attendance and we'd love to see you there.

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