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New IIHS Headlight Test May Shine Light On Sierra/Silverado

  • John Goreham
    Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
    One of GM-Trucks.com's top news posts was "Are the Headlights In Your '14 or '15 Sierra?" That story did about twice as well with pageviews and comments as our typical well-read stories. Readers filled our pages with comments about dim headlights in GM trucks. Until now, there has been no objective third-party testing to help buyers to judge the effectiveness of headlights in the cars and trucks we buy. That is changing. Today, the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS) released its first-ever ratings for headlights. The Institute has a new Vehicle Test Center with an indoor test track ideal for conducting such tests. The tests are not subjective either. IIHS uses sensors that read the amount of visible light from both high and low beams in a variety of driving scenarios. The group gives extra credit for adaptive headlights (that swing side to side) and auto-high-beams, but only if those systems actually work well. The group also takes points away if a vehicle's headlights blind on-coming drivers in low-beam mode.


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