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Watch Ram 1500 Fail Critical Crash Test

  • John Goreham
    Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
    Our recent story listed the results of all full-size pickup trucks tested by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety. We focused on the positive results in our main story, but Ram had a very bad day of testing. The small frontal overlap test simulates a pickup truck hitting a telephone pole with the front corner of the vehicle. Small economy cars like the Prius can ace this test. So too can cars in the mid-size class and all crossovers have models that can score "Good" on this test. In fact, it is difficult to find any car or crossover that does not score Good on this test. Watch the Ram results.



IIHS VP Raul Alberlaez mocked automakers for "Trying to one-up each other in ads on who build the toughest large pickup trucks." Speaking about the combined small frontal overlap results of the Ram, Tundra and Silverado, Alberlaez said a driver in one of these vehicles "...would need help freeing their legs from the wreckage." He went on to add "The injuries they sustained could require months of rehabilitation." Keep in mind that this is a test in which vehicles from all other classes including economy cars, and the Ford F-150 score Good, meaning the driver is not injured and there is no intrusion into the cabin.
See our prior story to see the full IIHS crash video results for large trucks.

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