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Why Did the Tacoma Outsell the Colorado and Canyon in 2015?

  • John Goreham
    Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
    The numbers are in, and the Toyota Tacoma (179,561) outsold the Colorado (84,430) and Canyon (30,077) combined this year. In fact, even if you throw in the Nissan Frontier (30,076) the Tacoma still outsold the combined field of its rivals for 2015. The reason this is so is not because the 2016 Toyota Tacoma is better than the Colorado or Canyon. That is a matter of taste. We're sure it wasn't the 2016 model because even if we subtract out all the 2016 trucks the Tacoma was still the leader with its old 2015 model sales. No, the main reason the Tacoma won the sales race is that Toyota bet more boldly on the growth of mid-size trucks and built more capacity than did GM.


Back in 2014, Toyota new the new GM twins were coming. Toyota has huge respect for GM trucks, and American trucks in general. It knows that GM truck fans are loyal, that GM truck valuations are now close to that of its own trucks (which are still the best for resale overall) and that GM's quality is now on-par with the Toyota trucks. Despite all this respect (and maybe a little healthy fear) Toyota doubled down. It added workers and a third shift to its Tacoma facilities so that if it its truck had buyers the trucks would be on lots.



Are we trying to "diss" GM here? Heck no! GM too was bold. When GM started to create the new Colorado and Canyon many truck followers said that it was dumb. Who wants a truck that cost almost the same as a 1500, but is smaller? With gas prices low, more naysayers chimed in pointing out that the fuel economy of a 1500 is not that different than a V6 Colorado or Canyon, so why will buyers downsize.
This is a great time for all truck makers. With a few notable exceptions (Nissan missed the boat, Honda chose exactly the wrong years not to have any trucks for sale), automakers that focus on trucks are kicking and taking right now.

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