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  1. Set of new halogen headlights removed from my Silverado 3500HD when the truck had 30 miles on it. These were removed and replaced with OEM LED headlights. $600 plus shipping for the pair
  2. Thank you. I could not tell you what sort of mileage it got in stock form, as I had the suspension work done and tires installed before taking delivery. I never even test drove it in stock form. The one or two times I’ve hand calculated it at fill up, taking into account the trip discrepancy due to larger tire, it was around 12mpg. About what I expected. I have no complaints.
  3. I traded a duramax L5P in on my new 6.6 gas crew LWB. I’ve put a couple thousand miles on it in a short time and am very happy so far. I don’t tow heavy (4-5k) and have put 5-6 hrs drive time towing also and was surprised that it actually tows better than my 17 6.0 with 4.10s. I assumed the 3.73 would cause more shifting on inclines that it actually does, especially with the 37s I’m running. Whatever changes in programming that have been made to the 6sp tranny, coupled with the 6.6, make for a nice driving experience. This truck is noticeably different/better than a 6.0 Couldn’t tell you exactly what kind of mpg I’m getting-never cared enough to check but I’d bet it’s 12-13 unloaded mostly highway. My duramax regularly got 14-15 per tank hand calculated on the same lift and tires.
  4. 2500hd LT 6.6 gas with 3” super lift on 37s, bilstein shocks, tint, ranch hand brush guard, rough country hd2 steps. Really liking the gas burner, it’s a big difference from the 6.0
  5. 2021 2500hd 6.6 gas LWB with super lift 3” kit and bilstein shocks on 37’s….
  6. That’s true, in that mine was an order initiated at the dealer at my request. But, your truck is no different in terms of when the VIN is created, and in your ability to track its position in the supply chain. The problem is, there’s no consistent time frame right now from (for example) a VIN assigned to the day it arrives at the dealer. It could sit at the local rail yard for days or more waiting to be trucked to the dealer. Or it could sit at the plant awaiting transport to your region.
  7. The constraints that GM puts on these trucks can vary from week to week, and a dealer is only allotted X number of trucks in a specific trim level, with some trim levels not even being available to said dealer. It’s like a maze trying to figure out how to order a decently equipped truck right now. I have seen the constraints on their order guide recently. Example: mine was ordered in April, at which time you could not get leather in a LT, nor frt and rear parking sensors. It will get conv 1, bucket seats, spray in bedliner, skid plates, roof lights, power fold heated mirrors and 20in wheels/tires. I’ll add aftermarket leather at the dealer (it wears better than factory leather anyway) but other than that it has everything I want and nothing I don’t. I’ve got parking sensors and blind spot detection on my current truck and while they are sometimes good features, the parking sensors go crazy when driving in the rain and have to be turned off. It will be almost exactly 12 weeks from order placement to delivery at the dealer on mine.
  8. You will need the order Number or VIN on the truck but you can go to Chevrolet chat and ask for the status code on the vehicle. Scroll down to where it says “message us” https://www.chevrolet.com/contact/call-us The VIN is generated once the truck is built on the assembly line, as far as I know. Mine was ordered 4/22, built almost 2 weeks earlier that what GM had listed as TPW (tentative production week) which was always 7/5, and shipped from MI several days after build. As of today, it is sitting in our local rail yard awaiting transport to dealer. I’d guess it will be very close to 12 weeks to the day from when order was placed to when it hits the dealer lot.
  9. Nice looking truck! I have the same running boards on mine, which I liked because they sit up tight to the rocker panels. What size/brand of tire are you running? Any leveling kit?
  10. I have a 2020 2500hd. The bilstein 5100 shocks made a big difference in ride quality over stock rancho shocks. I’d highly recommend them. Also, I run my 37” nittos at 45 rear/50 frt when not towing which is 99% of the time. They wear evenly at these pressures, so I’d say you have room to back your pressure down on the factory tires. If you stay with the stock wheels and don’t want to level the truck, throw a good tire on there that is slightly larger than stock (295/65-20) such as nitto/toyo or Michelin. Going to an 18” wheel and a tire in the 35in range will also benefit the ride. i can’t speak to the plow prep torsion bar issue as mine has the regular ones.
  11. Love the long bed! I have one on the way.
  12. Either of those sizes will fit without a lift or level. I have a 3” super lift and 37’s on factory 18’s and it only rubs at full lock. My truck looked exactly the same as yours when it got to the dealer, right down to the color and wheels.
  13. If it is possible to do, you may want to have a dealer reprogram the truck for the largest stock tire size which is 275/65-20 (34”) before doing a regear. This could possibly alter shift points and other computer controlled elements of the driveline in a positive way. Your tires are not significantly taller than what comes on the 20” wheels, although a good bit wider.
  14. That looks great! How does it ride on the rough country system? I believe that kit has a 1.5” block for the rear, same as my superlift 3”. Did you run the RC shocks that come with that kit? I saw those BFG muds for the first time in person on Friday and liked the looks of them. What’s your opinion on the noise level? Did they take a lot of weight to balance out?
  15. True. I have one that rarely ever tows, as in less than 5k lbs probably 15 times a year. But every day mine starts out at 60-70 mph for 30-40 min straight without stopping, then it does it again in the evening. The key to avoid the regeneration issues (I.e. it not completing a cycle which doing so repeatedly causes problems) is not towing with it frequently but to run it at highway speeds for some sustained amount of time/miles frequently. Mine has already had one instance of putting itself into limp mode even with all the interstate driving I do daily....some sort of problem that GM really didn’t have an answer for, so they threw parts at it. It hasn’t yet happened again. That said, I don’t totally trust it, in the sense that I don’t believe any of the big three have the dpf garbage made to a reliable point, consistently. Just my opinion, nothing more.
  16. I have a loaded 2020 LT with every available option aside from sunroof and bucket seats. Attempted to order the exact same thing a month ago and you cannot now get leather pkg with the LT or convenience pkg 2. I ordered anyway and got bucket seats (cloth) that will have leather installed before I take delivery. Not having rear and front parking sensors and blind spot alert didn’t sway my decision. The All star pkg on LT trucks is still available, but it doesn’t give you memory seats (never has) and does include convenience pkg 1, as well as the push button start/keyless entry. An LTZ automatically gives you memory drivers seat, and most are ordered with 20” wheels (they are not standard on a base LTZ). I don’t remember if cooled seats are standard on a LTZ or part of an optional package. Heads up display is not a standard LTZ item, but part of a package (I don’t remember which one). Sunroof, cooled seats, power sliding rear window and memory seats are all options I’ve had in the past and never used, at all. So for me, unless I simply liked an LTZ grille that much better, it’s not worth it. Prior to the current shortage, if I’d found an LTZ that was discounted so well that the LT made no sense, I’d grab one, but that’s not happening today or anytime soon. Therefore, I didn’t see the need to spend the extra cash on options I don’t use and some of which I don’t even want on a truck.
  17. That was a good call on the finish of the bed cover....really completes the look on a black truck. That’s the same tint I have on the front windows of mine, but I had 5% put over the factory tint on rear doors and back glass, so you cannot see in the backseat at all during the day, which is nice for keeping the kids cooler and also keeps any belongings out of view. I’ll keep this thread up to date if I pull the trigger on one. There is very little in the way of pics of Lwb 2020 trucks.
  18. The toyo RT is one I haven’t tried but will on my next set of tires. I’ve had a few sets of ridge grapplers, toyo MT’s and nitto trail grappler MT. All were good, with the ridge grappler and toyo MT at the top of my list. I’ve not ran BFG AT’s in 6-7 years and those were horrible at balancing and keeping balanced (factory sized tire).....I pretty much decided I was done with them after that because it was not the first bad experience I’d had with their AT tire on a truck. I’m not suggesting that I know that their current offerings are no good-they may have it dialed in at this point.
  19. I was guessing they were 295’s. How do you like the bed cover? What brand/model is it? I’ve toyed with the idea of having one instead of a tool box on my next truck but am still on the fence.
  20. The truck looks great! What size tire are you running? I had a long bed 2500 years ago and I do believe they ride noticeably better than a swb, loaded or empty. I’d also agree that the long bed looks more proportional to the cab on these models.
  21. The truck looks great! What size tire are you running? I had a long bed 2500 years ago and I do believe they ride noticeably better than a swb, loaded or empty. I’d also agree that the long bed looks more proportional to the cab on these models.
  22. Awesome. Please let us know how it turns out. What brand of tire are you thinking of running?
  23. I have a 20 Silverado 2500 with a 3” superlift and 37x12.50-18 nitto ridge grapplers on factory 18” wheels. The super lift kit includes tubular control arms that are shaped at a better angle than the factory ones. Among other things, it also comes with a 1.5” rear block. Mine rubs at absolute full lock on the frame, doesn’t bother me a bit. The only thing that was cut was a very small lower portion of the felt fender liner on the bumper side of the wheel well on each side. if you get my truck in an off camber position and turn the wheel to full lock, it will touch the control arm slightly and the sway bar. That’s something that rarely happens with my driving style. My truck is rarely ever off the pavement. Something else to consider-A close friend of mine has the same truck with aftermarket keys, shock extenders, 1” block in the rear (using factory upper control arms). He’s running a 295/65-20 on factory wheels with zero rub, but his upper control arms are too close to the frame stop, and as a result, his truck rides no where near as well as mine. I’ve also seen a truck leveled with 325/60-20 on factory wheels that looked good. But in my opinion, a 1.5” rear block that comes with superlift and rough country kits sets the truck up just a bit too much to only run a 35”(295/65) tire. It needs a bit more to fill out the fender well.
  24. An old thread I know....hoping someone may have a leveled long bed by now
  25. Check out this link: https://www.0fx2gv.com/badges-1 I am not in any way affiliated with this co, but they have quite a few options it appears.
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