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  1. Looks like dealers are starting to get some 2019's already! https://www.bachmanchevrolet.com/VehicleSearchResults?search=new&model=Silverado 1500&year=2019
  2. Already got myself a policy as I always do for the days I will be down there, thanks for the heads up though! Went to the dealer and got an oil change, they checked the brakes as part of the muli-point inspection...looks like everything is good to go!
  3. Might be bringing this one back to life, didn't want to start a new thread... Anyone else transferred old tonneau covers (2007-2013) to a 2014+ crew cab short box? I purchased a used Roll n Lock of Offer Up and the guy supposedly had it on a 2014+, but when I contacted Roll N Lock to purchase missing parts, they identified that it was for a 2007-2013 truck and it will not fit...a little bummed out if that's the case...
  4. I imagine that is what happened, I had actually just returned that day from my part of the country to my finances city...mine is nothing but dirt roads, I assume they got caked in dirt and mud and sad, hopped onto the toll roads with nothing but hills and braked like crazy and ended up burning them out.
  5. It is not as bad as the media makes it seem like...I have traveled down there multiple times, drive at night, etc. and luckily have not encountered any issues. I am more afraid to drive around late at night here in the US in bad parts of town than i am over there...
  6. As the title might suggest I am planning on taking a trip down Mexico for parent's anniversary. Reason for my question comes from a previous trip. I went down there Dec 2016 in my '15 Sierra, and lets just say I had to get my brakes changed down there at a little corner shop. My rotors were all ridged up and I figured lets be safe than sorry. Mind you, before I left, i had 27K miles or so, and had a Chevrolet dealer just do a $20 brake check, all came back fine. When I got back, I took my busted up brake pads to a GMC dealer and they did an entire brake job, changed the Mexican pads out, new rotors, updated caliper bolts, new calipers...free of charge, still under warranty. But they did not give me much information as to what might have caused the issue. I now have a '17 Silverado with just about 12k miles and had it since new, should I get a brake check done before the trip or it'll be a waste for the mileage? Should I just assume the brakes were defective? Any tips to maybe prevent the issue if it was not a defect? Maybe take the wheels off when I arrive and power wash the components and get rid of any foreign objects...just thinking out loud here, any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  7. I was doing some digging around and found on GM's order guide site that there will be a Limited Silverado/Sierra Double Cab for 2019. Just wanted to throw it out there. https://www.gmfleetorderguide.com/NASApp/domestic/proddesc.jsp?year=2019&butID=1&regionID=1&divisionID=1&vehicleID=21425&type=0#
  8. Mysterious water leak

    See the link below...I had the same issue on my 2015 Sierra about 2,000 miles out of warranty and GM refused to fix it...wanted about $1,000 to repair it. I ended up trading in the truck due to continuous issues with it. http://sandyblogs.com/techlink/?p=4938
  9. My 2015 Sierra had that same exact issue...dealer also could "not" find anything wrong with it. At one point they even changed out the thermostat? Thinking that would address the issue. They knew there was an issue, otherwise why change the thermostat? But at the end, that dealer just chased me away telling me "you still have warranty, just drive the thing until something breaks."
  10. A new beginning...

    Thanks! I was seriously considering jumping ship....but I did not like anything else...I know they are the same truck, but GMC and their dealer disappointed me.
  11. Is Waxing Necessary?

    You might want to consider a ceramic coating....have not gotten one myself, but the results I've seen from my local detailer has made me consider one...
  12. A new beginning...

    Lesson learned the hard way...funny, that Monday after the new purchase, I went to my GMC selling dealer to start the process of the refund on an extended warranty and my salesman saw me and said "you got that?" and I told him "yeah I traded in that piece of junk you sold me"
  13. A new beginning...

    No, never giving my business to that dealer again...gave me hell with my GMC...i actually drove 200+miles to get my new truck. The leak appeared to come from the front passenger area...the "fix" was to replace a "warped" windshield inlet grille. I call BS on that since my mom has a 09 Traverse that is pretty warped and has never leaked.
  14. Hello to All, I just wanted to take a few minutes to write about my new beginning in a new truck. I have been a member of this forum since 2011. At that time I was 18 years old. I knew I always wanted a new truck later on in life. I was finally able to make that happen, on my own at 21, in 2015. I was able to get into a 2015 GMC Sierra SLT. Boy was I in for a nightmare. I picked the truck up in September, about a month before my birthday. Since it was my first purchase, I was naive and dumb. Not knowing any better, I was offered a Demo truck for a "great deal", or so I thought. The truck had about 3,600 miles on it. Not even 2 months after owning the truck, It was in the shop and it never stopped from there. First it was the rear leaf spring, an on going issue till the day I traded it in. I read about them being an issue. So at the end, I just left it alone. Other issues were transmission issues, hesitation, acceleration issues, premature brake issues, trim issues, rattles, front end pops, GPS issues, efan issues and lastly water leak issues. So many issues that I have a 1-1/2 inch binder full of service records. At my 1 year mark, I got a lawyer to attempt to do a buy back on the truck. I was just offered a settlement and was able to keep the warranty. I thought "i guess ill keep it for now." About a month later, I was rear ended by a school bus...fixed by their insurance. I get the truck back and not even 3 weeks later, I was rear-ended by a broad on her cellphone, no insurance. Got it fixed, and i thought "i'll give it one more chance, maybe its my luck." Everything was fine and dandy until about 4 weeks ago, I had a water leak in the passenger compartment, fresh out of warranty...literally 900 miles out. Took it to two dealers and they did not want to help me out, not even the dealer I purchased it from. They wanted $1,000 to fix it. That was the last straw... I decided it was time to get rid of it. It would have been my first out of pocket expense...I was not going to have it. Looked around and got a pretty sweet deal on a new, 2017 Silverado LTZ with 30 miles on the clock. I got what I wanted for my trade, lost about $1,000 which i did not care, since that is what it was going to cost me to fix it. The new truck has everything I wanted, more loaded than my SLT Sierra, and got a way better deal than that piece of junk. Maybe it was just my luck, but I hope the new owner has better luck than I did.

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