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  1. Brand new nothing is opened or anything. Simply looking to get the frosted lens instead of the smoked since I got a set of paint matched wheel arch moldings. These are the sequential style that function as turn signals as well. Everything is just like it would come from boost only saving you money. Located about an hour east of Cincinnati, OH if you were interested in picking them up $200
  2. Bought this never installed just been in the original box. Inlet is 3.5” about 4.5” outside diameter part number is 22911703. Located in southern Ohio 45679. $60
  3. These were on my 2016 2500HD Silverado for only a few thousand miles before they were removed before trading it in. Not sure what all years they will work on but the fronts are 24-253161 and rears are 24-196468. I have more pictures just limits the amount I can load on here have the original boxes as well. Located in southern Ohio 45679. $225
  4. What year was your 6.0 and gear did it have? What were you mpg with it in similar situations? Thanks
  5. See if this helps any I would assume it's the same process on a 18
  6. Where is the best place to get one of these I have a 16 2500 and need to get one just not sure what I need just don't want to have to go to the dealer for relearns like the last truck
  7. When my wife had her 2012 equinox we bought a set for it for like $50 we washed it like once a week they held up well until winter which I was going to remove them but she wanted to leave them on. Well they did what you would expect of a thin chrome finish to do and pitted but I cleaned them a few times during winter with polish after a regular wash neither of us got to upset for low the cost to replace them she ended up trading vehicles this past summer so we didn't replace that original set but I wouldn't expect one set to last forever if in salty conditions
  8. After you have time to form a opinion of them I would be interested in what you think of them
  9. Had a few ask about the harness yes it is included and has all the fasteners on it
  10. Sorry didn't know that this one posted it can be deleted Please look in the thread below it is the same title and all and has a couple pictures I can send more if you would like
  11. Bought these for my old truck installed them and they were turned on less than a dozen times more like a half a dozen to be honest so I removed them before trading since they were still so new well guess gm decided to change the harness plug in 16 so they won't work on my new truck. I had already bought new nut inserts that goes in the bed for the screws to fasten into before knowing they wouldn't work so everything is there that you need
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