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  1. That would be correct. 38K miles on 4.5 years. It is not a daily driver. Actually, I don't use any pickup or car for my "daily driver". I got it to haul, tow, and snowplow for my various needs. The wife primarily uses her Caddy CTS for occasional runs to town and such. I use my Freightliner semi truck daily. it is parked at home when I am not working and I take off in it when I do go to work. So I have no need to use a personal vehicle to "go to work". I like my 2015 2500 quite well that I hope to hold onto it for a very long time. I really have no interest in any other, including the 2500 coming out in 2020. I don't even bother looking at anything new out there.
  2. I had it done on my 2015 when it had almost 10,000 miles on it. I am a stickler for getting the factory fills replaced soon to get the break in metals out of the components. Had a local shop do a filter change and complete fluid change. Will do it again at about 60,000 miles (50K mile intervals). I do the Xfer and diffs myself at the same time. Only have 38K miles on my 2015 now, so it will still be a while before I need to worry about it again.
  3. Let's see, diesel in my area is $2.98. E85 in my area is $1.68. I can average (city, highway, rural gravel roads, hauling, etc) about 11 mpg with my 2015 2500 6.0 on E85, which is per mile fuel cost of 15.25 cents a mile. On diesel, I would have to get between 20-21 mpg average just to break even on the cost per mile. I have yet to see a 2500 Dmax average 20+ mpg for all miles.... city, highway, rural gravel, hauling, etc. I still cannot justify a 10K or more higher cost and a higher cost per mile to operate by getting a diesel pickup. Only if I was towing very heavy frequently, which I don't. I generally never tow more than about 7K. I got the 2500 because it will haul significantly more than a 1500. Putting 2200+ lb in the back of a 1500 is not the wisest idea. The gasser does fine for all that. I will only use diesel in my semi trucks.
  4. Voyager throw over bags on the way from Burly Brand. Triumph is a twit when it comes to their pannier rails. I found a set of aftermarket rails that worked and were much less expensive. Triumph is so proud of their rails they are going to let you know by how they price them. And I tried to get rails alone, but they would only sell them with Triumph branded bags. I am not going to shell out $750 for their bags I don't want to use. The Burly Brand Voyagers are a far superior set of bags and only $350 U.S. Rails I got for $75. Cool video about the Burly Brand bags on a Bonneville.....
  5. As promised..... one retro classic Bonneville. Pipes came in on Saturday and I put them on last night.
  6. Will do when I get it back from the shop. Getting it de-catted at the shop today and I have some new pipes coming in on Monday. When I get it all done I will take a snap.
  7. Finally got a decent day to get the Triumph Bonneville out of the garage and ride a bit. Got a few mods I need to do, but looking forward to the riding season. Wife thinks I am a nut case (she would be correct), being an old VN vet out doing the twistys on a motorcycle with the younger crowd. To appease her, I wear good CE padding and a helmet.
  8. 6.0 Towing capabilities

    All I told the wife to do was put it in 4lo and manual mode with the trans and shift when she needed to keep optimum power going without the motor screaming or getting below 2000 RPM. I couldn’t see the dash as I was in the semi tractor, but she sure did one heck of a job driving the pickup. One of the best tows I have ever seen. But at the end 2 miles away, when we got on the hard road and I walked up to the pickup, she was clenching the steering wheel and you could tell she was scared. I still remind her of what a great job she did.
  9. Wow. For a couple of years now, I haven't put over 2500 miles a year on my 2015 2500. Oil got changed once a year in June/July. This last year, I went a month over to August. Still had 60% on the OLM at 13 months and one week after the last oil change.
  10. 17 Duramax oil

    They could call for it all they want. I would still use a 10w30 CK-4. And speaking of that, I now have 951,000 miles on a 2000 Detroit 60 reman that has been using 10w30 CK-4 since CK-4 showed up. Still only uses about 1 qt to 10,000 - 11,000 miles and still gets oil changed at about 22,500 miles on average. Oil samples show very same wear levels as when it only had 50,000 miles on it. If I had any Dmax, including the 6.6, I would use a 10w30 CK-4 blend in it just like I am using now in my diesels. All, and I repeat.. ALL.. of the heavy vehicle engine OEM's are factory filling with 10w30 and recommending it. They have been doing so for over 3 years. The Dmax has nothing on Mack, Cummins, Detroit, Paccar, etc. I likely would never use a 15w40 in it. A good 10w30 blend has far fewer viscosity modifiers in it compared to the average 15w40 and tends to hold viscosity quite well under severe conditions. Less breakdown of VM. And Delvac Extreme 10w30 CK-4 is what I would put in if I wasn't using the Schaeffer 10w30 CK-4 I am now. The Delvac Extreme 10w30 is a very strong product.
  11. You and a lot of other fleet owners agree. And it is why Isuzu and Fuso are kicking out new class 5's this year with the GM 6.0 L96 gasser in them. With the emissions stuff, it just isn't worth the cost and hassle. The 6.0 is a rock solid platform. And this could get more interesting. Out in California, there is legislation starting up to eliminate diesel vehicles from the entire state by 2050. From a commercial truck standpoint, I could see this sort of thing coming from a long way off.
  12. Well, not really. I own diesel trucks that the motors alone cost as much to replace as an entire Chevy pickup costs. But for my personal use, the 6.0L gasser does a killer job in my 2500. While I do use diesel in my commercial stuff, I want nothing to do with diesel in my personal stuff ever since the emissions junk started getting piled on. And seeing who is driving diesel pickups every day, (I cover about 2500 miles a week thru at least 7 states), I am convinced that many folks get diesel pickups more for a fashion statement than really needing it. As if diesel is some sort of testosterone booster and they can rag on the gasser owners. Doesn't hurt my ego one bit to have a Dmax 2500 sitting next to my gasser 2500 at the light. Especially when I fill with E85 for $1.44 / gallon right now. Even with the lower mpg of E85, my fuel cost per mile is far lower than any diesel 2500 will do. And I could replace the 6.0L motor in my 2500 with a crate motor and still be at a lower cost than just the initial buy of a Dmax 2500. Cheaper to buy, operate, and maintain. Yep, I like my gasser 2500. And it has enough power to pull my 21,000 lb Freightliner semi truck tractor thru 2 miles of hilly, extremely muddy rural roads to the hard road. The semi truck just buried itself in the mud and wouldn't move a foot. I have just what I need in a pickup truck.
  13. While max torque is indeed at 4200 RPM, it reaches 90% torque at 2100 RPM. A nice relatively flat torque curve from there to 4200 RPM. So in most cases, one really doesn't need to have the motor screaming to get good work out of it.
  14. 6.6 gas

    Well, the 6.0 Vortex is far from dead. Both Isuzu and Fuso are bringing out new Class 5 trucks with the 6.0 Vortex and Allison 1000 transmissions. Isuzu will have two new models, one with a GVWR of over 19,000 lb. Some things just stand the test of time. My 2015 2500 6.0 will be with me for a long time to come. Just like my 30.06, 30-30, and 45-70 rifles. Some things just get the job done and do it well. https://www.ccjdigital.com/isuzu-announces-plans-for-two-class-5-gas-trucks-updates-to-n-series-and-f-series/?utm_source=weekly-equipment&utm_medium=email&utm_content=03-12-2019&utm_campaign=Commercial Carrier Journal&ust_id=480221824f761d3e1f8cedd4a1049565&utm_term=newsletter-2-weekly-equipment-position-2 https://www.ccjdigital.com/fuso-debuts-industry-first-class-5-gas-cabover/?utm_source=weekly-equipment&utm_medium=email&utm_content=03-12-2019&utm_campaign=Commercial Carrier Journal&ust_id=480221824f761d3e1f8cedd4a1049565&utm_term=newsletter-2-weekly-equipment-position-5

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