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  1. I agree, I see no reason anything should be any different… but I’ve been down this path before. Used to run diablosport intune programmers, and I buy early every year… and every year it wouldn’t function without an update that took them months to get around to
  2. I have a new 22 AT4 6.2L and would like to add a Pulsar LT 22451. Can’t find anything anywhere that acknowledges if it actually works in a 2022 model, no mention of works… doesn’t work… nothing. Anyone have a source for an answer or better yet done it themselves on your own 2022 model?
  3. Last weekend my 3.0L didn't have enough oil in it to reach the dipstick, dealer closed at 2pm on saturday, it was 2:30 before I knew I needed oil... couldn't source any option till monday morning. 3.0L going down the road now, will be in a 6.2L hopefully next week if it arrives... it's currently at the rail ramp unload yard
  4. I have a 21 3.0L AT4, has 12,000kms (7,500 miles) on it... I have had the extended crank issue in the hotter months, seems better now... but just checked the engine oil & it was a whole quart low with 5,000kms (3,100 miles) on the oil change. It will become a 2022 AT4 Limited with a 6.2L this week. If I wanted to drive something that may or may not start & has to have its oil monitored, I'd have chosen a ford. I liked the empty fuel economy of my 3.0L but it was no better than a gas engine when trailering and no better in city driving... so yes, I do regret the 3.0L a bit. That said, I got drug money for it, so it's a no-brainer to trade on the 22 6.2L. My 21 was an absolute base AT4, the only option was the 3.0L... this new 22 has every option except carbon pro (and start/stop not available due to chip shortage, I'm not heart broken about that at all) and I am paying $2,700 difference, so hand that to the 3.0L for holding value... I'm easily buying $6,000 more truck and moving up a year.
  5. I found that so confusing that they were marketing app as a keyfob. I read into that as no keyfob required. You can hook your phone up to replace a keyfob... just like on a Tesla. Not so much the case though
  6. and.... you'll still see bigmouths saying stupid stuff like "I'd demand the dealer give me a better deal now" or "I'd make the dealer get me a different one"
  7. Shutting your a/c off will even move the bar a little, so I do think that the trucks read accurately when that tracking is recorded
  8. The worst part is, I don't think that these trucks have a serviceable fuel filter... just the sock on the pickup in the tank
  9. The only problems I've ever been aware of in a 6 speed OR and 8 speed have been posted on here. Never experienced one, never heard a customer complaint about one, never worried about one. It's all been what's been online here, and never in the dealership I'm in
  10. That's just the way that the I0B radio works... it's not as nice and functional as the I05/I06 radio is.
  11. Not in any gear... in any forward gear. My 2017 has this mod done both directions and now lights up all cargo lights in reverse
  12. With mine modded by scotchlock... all of my rear facing white lights turn on in reverse AND all of them turn on when I pull the key from the ignition in the dark AND all of them turn on with the cargo lights switch... I have trailering mirrors with the LED lights on them, so it's as bright behind my truck with those lights on as it is in front of my truck with the headlights on... and I love it!
  13. I did not take any photos... it's only 3-4" up from the connector... there is a whole thread outlining how to do it with a diode... I just wanted it both ways so didn't use a diode and a bare wire seemed silly so a scotchlock made more sense to me. I purchased the led lights off ebay http://www.ebay.ca/itm/2x-T15-W16W-45-SMD-4014-Error-Free-LED-Car-Reverse-Back-Light-Bulbs-6000K-White-/262844596687?hash=item3d32c241cf:g:QLsAAOSw~AVYnDfJ&vxp=mtr
  14. I used a red scotch lock connector to do my own... further up the wire. No diode required, nothing can vibrate out. Now I have backup lights come on with cargo lights and cargo lights come on with backup lights. When it's dark and I pull my key... it's lit up nice and bright back there. On top of it all, I also upgraded my backup light bulbs and cargo light bulbs in the high mount brake light with 6000K LED canbus bulbs. It's REALLY bright back there
  15. PM me and if I have time I will PM your specs back to you
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