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  1. Yes, this has happen to me as well. I have a 2020 LTZ, radio is on, but no sound. Usually if I turn the truck off and restart it works again. I have a few issues with my radio doing crazy things, stuff my 2014 never did. The strangest one is when I get a call, its shows the wrong contact info. My phone shows the right person calling, but my truck shows a completely different name, if it decides to show a nameat all, most of the time its just the number of the person calling even though I have that contact in my phone.
  2. I have this issue as well, the phone number shows up but not the name of the contact. However I have not tried to repair my phone with the truck to see if that fixes it. I guess the important thing is that I recognize my wife's number so I know not to ignore it! ?
  3. I have a 2020 LTZ and no rear door handle buttons.
  4. I have this same cover, and I just went out and looked as it is currently raining out, and my bed is dry, whoever there is some water drops in a few spots, but overall on a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 9 for dryness. Very pleased with the cover.
  5. Well after a bit time away, I am back into a Silverado. I purchased a 2020 Silverado LTZ crew bad 4x4 a little over a week ago. I had a 2014 Silverado crew cab 4x4 LT and put almost 90,000 miles on it in 3 1/2 years. It was a pretty good truck expect it was a shaker, but only between 76-82 MPH, and I didn't drive on the interstate that often so I lived with it. The dealer tried different wheels, different driveshafts, and different tires, but I finally gave up a lived with it. That was the only real issue with the truck. I traded that in for a 2016 Ford Expedition Limited, not my first Ford, and it was very nice. But I was ready to get back into a truck and I had a feeling that the expedition was going to start needing some work done. I had to replace a front hub because the bearing went bad at 74,000 miles, and the AC, and a few other things were not working like they should have been. Gas mileage was not very good, but the main reason for that was me. The ecoboost engine is hard to drive easy, that is the one thing I will miss about the expedition is the ecoboost, it was fun to drive. I put almost 80,000 miles on it and the lifetime average, calculated by hand, but the on board computer, was 15.7. Life time average of the 2014 I recall was 17.5, again calculated by hand, not onboard computer. First tank of the 2020 MPG was over 20, again calculated by hand, not onboard computer. The 2020 is a very nice truck and looking forward to putting some miles on it, it is very comfortable and is very smooth. Glad to be back.
  6. Just wanted to give you a heads up. I had the same cover on my 2014, had no issues with it, great product. However, make sure you pay attention to those plastic stops they you insert on the bed. I didn't check mine and they fell out, and needless to say when my cover was open, the panels hit and rubbed against each other causing all kinds of scratches and missing paint on the cover. It wasn't the covers fault, it was on me. So just make sure you check those every so often. Nice truck by the way.
  7. I have had this same issue...my kids close the door and I would hit the lock button twice and no horn. So i walked around the truck open and closed all doors, hit the lock button twice more and it would beep at me. Next time when it doesn't beep at you, try going around and opening and closing all the doors again. In my crew cab, it is usually the back door on the drivers side, for some reason that door does not close very good.
  8. I have had my truck for almost three years and mine has just started doing this in the past month, drives me crazy. I have never "overfilled" my truck, as soon as the gas pump clicks off, I don't ever add more, I never had. It doesn't matter if I stick the nozzle all they way in, or pull it half out, it still wants to click off the gas nozzle only after a few gallons. Never had another vehicle so this or starting doing it after three years. It wouldn't be so bad in the summer, but when its 10 degrees outside, it sucks!
  9. Ask my 9 year old, she got rid of mine, don't know how she did it, but I couldn't get the favorites to show again after that! I had to do a factory reset to get them to display again.
  10. If GM could figure out something about a happy ending, then the shake thing would be ok! The best way to describe would be if you are sitting in the seat and I would start pushing and pulling on the side of the seat. Mine starts in the back and works it way forward. Today on my lunch hour I was out on the interstate and it started shaking at 72, I sure hope that is not the start of something.
  11. I hope its your tires, and a re-balance will fix your shakes. I tried new tires, new rims, a new driveshaft, nothing ever fixed mine. I thought when I got new tires that mine was cured, I went up a size to get more sidewall hoping that would make a difference, but that hope was quickly taken away. My truck is smooth up to 75, then at 76 it shakes like crazy. My shake is the center console and the drives seat and the passenger seat. I have no shaking of the steering wheel or the pedals. So what I do know when I drive 76 plus is turn my heated seat on and it feels like a massage chair. For a while, when I hit 82, it would stop shaking again, but that is no longer the case. I know this is a truck, but in the back of my mind is what the long term durability going to be with the miles and miles of excessive shaking on the truck. I am due for a new vehicle this spring, so I wont have to find out, but I would think that this excessive shaking would lead to something wearing out. Overall I like the truck 80% of the time, but when it shakes or the transmission doesn't shift like it suppose to is then I want to drive this thing off a cliff. Personally I think more of these trucks have an issue then what we know, I know of at least 10 guys with 2014 trucks that have never been over 60 mph and some people just might think its the road. But when I drove ones looking for ones that didn't shake, I got one that didn't shake out of 7 i drove. Those are the wheels and tires the dealership put on my truck, and mine still shook. I just wish GM could figure it out for the people that have the issue. You would think GM would reverse engineer a truck that has the shakes and replace parts until it doesn't shake. Maybe they have and there is more then 1 issue causing the shakes. To everyone that has the shakes, I feel for you and good luck, to those who don't, I am glad you don't and glad you don't have to deal with it.
  12. I have a 2014, I am approaching 70,000 miles, mine will be 3 years old come January. I have had the shake starting about 20,000 miles, I have installed new tires, did not help. The dealership put new wheels and tires off a truck from the lot that i drove to verify that the new truck did not vibrate, put them on my truck, it vibrated. I can drive down the same road everyday and one day it will vibrate on a section of road, the next day, same section of road, smooth as silk. When the truck does not vibrate, great vehicle, but if the truck does vibrate, it is absolutely terrible. I have found that the smoother the road, the worse it vibrates, its a good thing I am in Illinois and most of the roads suck! The transmission has been ok, the think the programming is the problem, the choke these trucks to squeeze all the MPG's out of them. Mine has clunks, but, but after close to 70,000 miles, it is the same as 10,000 miles. So I guess so far so good. My buddy has a 2014, he has close to 110,000 miles on it, its his company truck. He has hated his truck, his is an crew cab LTZ, and his shakes and vibrates way worse then mine. He is counting the days until he gets his new truck, he works for a large Ag company and they are transition from Chevy to Dodges. I don't think because of issues, more due to costs savings. I am due for a new vehicle in the spring, I wanted a Tahoe or Suburban, but they are having there own issues, so might just go with another Silverado. And I realize that majority of people come on here to complain, but there is just enough complaints about Tahoe/Surburban that I think there is a larger issue with those. So I guess, if you dont have the clunks or vibrations now, maybe you wont get them. Mine and my buddies showed up within the first 20,000 miles and still have the issues. Hope you have a good one.
  13. Polaroid...becuase my kids say it shakes like a polaroid picture. How I wish I was kidding.
  14. I had the LS2's on my truck and I got 46,000 miles out of them. I hunt, so I have driven in plenty of mud, snow and other conditions and the tire performed ok. Right before I got rid of them, we got 6" of snow, and the tires did ok considering the ware they had. I felt that the wet traction was worse then the performance in mud. I replaced them with Cooper Discoverer AT3, and I also went from the stock size of 265/55/20 to 265/60/20, I would have gone bigger but I don't have any kind of lift/leveling kit for the front and didn't want one. I have a 2014 with the vibration from 70+ mph on up and the new tires have helped with that, strange thing is that when the dealership was trying to help me figure it out, they pulled wheels and tires off a brand new Silverado and it did nothing to help my vibration. Then they threw my wheels and tires on the new truck and it didn't vibrate with my wheels and tires. Overall I can't complain about the tire, not one flat, never stuck in 46,000 miles, however the new Coopers are much much better.
  15. 2014 Chevy Crew Cab 5.3 6 speed 3.42 20" wheels Vibration over 74mph...Balanced Tires 4 times, road forced tires once, still vibrated. Took tires and wheels off of brand new truck off the dealer lot, still vibrated, put my tires on the new truck, didn't vibrate according to the dealer. New drive shaft, still vibrated. Now have 43,000 miles on it and have given up. About to buy new tires because the stock goodyears are about wore out hoping new tires will help a bit. I only have to deal with it for another 18 months then I get a new vehicle.
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