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  1. IMG 20140127 183911

    6" lift BDS 35" tires
  2. Danthaman69's 2014 Silverado Z71

    Yes. 6" BDS with 35" mud tires. Yes 80" to top of antenna.
  3. Danthaman69's 2014 Silverado Z71

    Really sorry for the late delay. Been working nights. My truck is 80" tall right now.
  4. Looking for a bumper removal diy

    I painted my bumper and it did really well. I took everything off. Its really easy to take off. Just take your time. Bumper is not heavy either.
  5. Danthaman69's 2014 Silverado Z71

    I will let you know. Might be a day or two.
  6. I have the BDS 6" lift with blocks but rather have springs.
  7. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    I wanted those AF dang it. Well at least you don't live by me. I only get 12-14mpg.
  8. Wrapped or painted bumpers?

    Paint will chip eventually. I like painted better. Nothing wrong with either. Just my opinion.
  9. They only have the FX-R projectors in low beams. Anything else done to it?
  10. I have already been waiting over 1.5yr what's another 6mths. Guess I will be waiting till fall.
  11. I read that today. Pretty disappointed. May end going with another company.
  12. You don't need add a leaf for the towing Im just doing for a Lil extra height. Truck still rides really good too Btw.
  13. Coilovers are for better ride quality. You lose some towing weight. I actually have the BDS 6" lift. Going to get add a leaf to the rear.
  14. Danthaman69's 2014 Silverado Z71

    Got my reverse lights done today. Gosh they are bright. Will get a night pic later.
  15. LED Front Light Bars & Pods

    Your selling your custom headlights you had done? Why? Pm if you want to see them. Would like more information.

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