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  1. I am going to start with grounds on top of the dash that I saw someone having major problems with on another forum. Are there any other secret ground locations I should inspect?
  2. Reviving this thread for some help. A few months ago I first noticed my doors would occasionally randomly start locking while driving. That stopped and a few months later started having an issue where the doors would not unlock with the remote and now the interior lock buttons don't work either. What is odd is this is completely intermittent. Everything will work one day and then, everything will not work the next day. This is a regular cab, that I added the electronic tailgate lock to, when it is not working, this includes both doors AND the tailgate. Remote will get the lights to flash as normal but absolutely nothing unlocking and no mechanical noise of anything trying to move. Give how it is either all working or all not working, I don't believe it is anything inside the doors but something ahead of that. Any thoughts on where I should start?
  3. I am replacing mine because it is damaged. If you end up wanting to sell yours outright let me know. Thanks,
  4. Looking for a front bumper for a 14-15 Sierra 1500. Painted version, preferably without park sensors. Let me know if anyone has one our there. Thanks
  5. Any chance you still have your old bumper lying around ? I'd be interested in taking it off your hands. Thanks.
  6. Did you ever figure out what the cause of this was? My 14 Sierra is doing the exact same thing less the folding mirrors which I don't have. Thanks for the help.
  7. No, they have just been sitting. So your telling me that it was a plug and play replacement for your manual passenger seat, but did not work on your driver side power seat? I figured it would be opposite, as both my seats are manual and the Denali seats do not work on either side.
  8. I am in a similar position as you were. I have the rear leveled with the shackles but want to go lower. Is your front suspension steel or aluminum? As I have not really been able to find any solutions for an aluminum front A-arm setup on a 4x4. How did the alignment go on the front? Also, any rubbing of your 285's, or even close? My 305's barely rub at full lock so just wondering how bad that might get.
  9. Anyone have this issue with a 14' model? I have a 14' RCSB with 50k miles of which I replaced the factory 18" wheels with 22's and Hancock ATM 305/45R22 at around 36k miles. Lowering shackle and removed block in rear to level. My shake at 70 is pretty significant right now after about 15k on the new tires. They have road force balanced AND what they call spoke balanced the wheels to no avail. If it was a slight shake there previously maybe I just didn't notice, but it is unbearable now. Would a dealer cover this under the powertrain warranty?
  10. The closest match I found is the 3M 1080 Scotchprint Satin Dark Gray. I am going to do my front bumper and will post pictures once complete.
  11. I think I am probably going to sell my set of front Denali seats if your interested. Does not look like I am going to be able to swap these for my manual seats unfortunately. They are 14' black denali seats with all options.
  12. Unfortunately I do not have pins #11 or #12. Are you saying you were able to add these pins to the body side of your harness? The regular cabs do indeed have side airbags in the seats. When you say you reused all your OEM SRS equipment, did this require disassembly of the entire seat, or just swapping it over underneath the seat. At this point if I could just add power to the seats so they would work and not have the airbag light on the dash I would be happy.
  13. Based on your experience, I would like your opinion on what I should do and what I can expect to work. I have a regular cab SLE with manual seats for both DS and PS. I also have a pair of Denali front buckets with all options. When I tested them with and attempt to plug and play, nothing worked at all, no power, and airbag light no dash. Any suggestions?
  14. I put that grille on my truck, alot of cutting but its not too bad. Looks awesome.
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