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  1. SOLD locally. Sold it to a 2008 owner, so this model fits 2008-2018 trucks.
  2. First off, it's a used part. It's called a tailgate "handle". Guess what, you have to grab the handle to open your tailgate. Those are superficial scratches that you can barely see. Everyone's handles are going to have the same superficial scratches on their handles after a few years of usage. You're acting like there's gouges in the damn thing. Again, you're being a total nitpicker and just go buy a new one already. If there's another reasonable person out there that is interested in my part, I'll accept $60 shipped. Thanks.
  3. There's no scratches! I sent you the pics. The paint is starting to peel on edges as I already mentioned. Sorry you got screwed over on another deal but there's no reason to nitpick at my item for sale!!!!
  4. factory GM OEM accessory chrome tailgate handle (with rear view camera hole) that fits the 2014-2018 1500 trucks. I had it painted Quicksilver Metallic by a body shop, I don't believe he sanded the plastic before painting it. It has held up good for past several years, just the very outer edge is starting to peel in places. You can use touch-up paint and it would not be noticeable when the handle is mounted on your tailgate. For the install, you need to swap over your backup camera and your lock cylinder from your stock handle. $70 shipping included, and I would appreciate a Paypal family/friends payment. I ship USPS Priority Mail with tracking number provided.
  5. Roll-x hard rolling tonneau cover made by Bakflip. Fits 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 trucks with 5.8' short bed. Same cover as the current Revolution X2 model. 4 years old. Vinyl top starting to crack in 2 spots shown in last 2 pics. Cover is dirty in pics, just add some vinyl dressing and it still looks good. Side rails and all hardware is included. ASKING $325. No shipping. Can meet along I-79 or I-70 in southwestern PA near Pittsburgh if you want to make the drive to get it.
  6. Just make sure everything is turned off (headlights, dome light, radio, heater, etc.). You could pull the Onstar fuse if you want, but I didn't on my 2014.
  7. Did you ask them if they will provide the tunes for the 2019 trucks soon? Then just keep it?
  8. It paid for a new radiator and thermostat on my 2014. I only have 28k miles, but beyond the original 3 year warranty obviously.
  9. So they didn't fix the F150 frozen door latch, so that's constitutes it being a lemon??? There's been plenty of GM lemons too, especially first year 2014, so hopefully the trend doesn't continue on the new body 2019's. I'm going back to F150, waiting to see what the new 2021 redesign looks like before I make my final decision. Had a few F150's before without issue. Same with my dad and brother all have newer F150's. My 2014 Sierra needed a new radiator, I fixed some interior rattles myself, frame is getting pretty rusty, lousy shifting (fixed it with a tuner), and few other minor annoyances. And it only has 28k miles on it so far, a pavement queen!
  10. update to original post: just got back from the dealer and they are going to replace the radiator and thermostat due to the minor leak, and also my driver's door lock is acting up and needs a new actuator - everything is going to be covered under the extended warranty! Only 28k miles on the truck.
  11. Unless I am missing something, wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to just turn the AFM off with a tuner?
  12. Dennis Fichtner from Denny Menholt Chevrolet as mentioned earlier. Bought in January 2017. But never heard of the requirement of getting an oil change beforehand?
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