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  1. Just make sure everything is turned off (headlights, dome light, radio, heater, etc.). You could pull the Onstar fuse if you want, but I didn't on my 2014.
  2. FS: Diabloaport inTune I3 #8245

    Did you ask them if they will provide the tunes for the 2019 trucks soon? Then just keep it?
  3. It paid for a new radiator and thermostat on my 2014. I only have 28k miles, but beyond the original 3 year warranty obviously.
  4. So they didn't fix the F150 frozen door latch, so that's constitutes it being a lemon??? There's been plenty of GM lemons too, especially first year 2014, so hopefully the trend doesn't continue on the new body 2019's. I'm going back to F150, waiting to see what the new 2021 redesign looks like before I make my final decision. Had a few F150's before without issue. Same with my dad and brother all have newer F150's. My 2014 Sierra needed a new radiator, I fixed some interior rattles myself, frame is getting pretty rusty, lousy shifting (fixed it with a tuner), and few other minor annoyances. And it only has 28k miles on it so far, a pavement queen!
  5. update to original post: just got back from the dealer and they are going to replace the radiator and thermostat due to the minor leak, and also my driver's door lock is acting up and needs a new actuator - everything is going to be covered under the extended warranty! Only 28k miles on the truck.
  6. Unless I am missing something, wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to just turn the AFM off with a tuner?
  7. Dennis Fichtner from Denny Menholt Chevrolet as mentioned earlier. Bought in January 2017. But never heard of the requirement of getting an oil change beforehand?
  8. well of course don't buy it from your local dealer, because they will charge an arm and leg for it. Buy from an online dealer that specializes in the GM warranties. I had one for our Honda van and used it several times, was well worth it. I have one for my 2014 Sierra. I'm taking it in next week for the leaky radiator issue. If they don't cover it under the special service bulletin for these radiators, then I know for sure it will still be covered under my GM extended warranty.
  9. I think Quicksilver was only offered on the 2014 Sierra All-Terrain trucks. Which I have and it's nice because I rarely pass another silver AT.
  10. ^note I said Pic attached for reference. That is not my skid plate. Mine is still on my truck and just has a 3 or 4 small chips/scrapes in it that I would like to touch up, not looking to repaint the entire thing. I now have an email into a GM dealer who is trying to look it up for me. EDIT- heard back from a GM dealer and they said GM calls it Light Argent , and the color code is WA6272
  11. Does anyone know the paint code for the 2014-2015 Sierra 1500 All-Terrain front bumper skid plate? People seem to call it Dark Gray or Graphite. I need some touch-up paint for it. Pic attached for reference. Thanks.
  12. Looking for a dark gray "front bumper skid plate" from a 2014-2015 GMC Sierra All-Terrain truck, like the one in the picture. Let me know if you have one for sale without any damage or scratches in it. Saw some old forum posts where some sold for around $30 or $40. Thanks.
  13. SOLD to Crafty34, thanks! Mods can LOCK this thread!
  14. Selling a Diablosport i2 intune tuner, part number i2030. Works on several GM cars and trucks from 1999 to 2017. It is unmarried (license 1/0) and I just updated the firmware on it. Missing original box but I had a spare box and quick start guide from the new i3 model that I will include. This tuner has canned performance tunes, you can turn off the AFM v4 mode, speedometer calibrator for larger tires, adjustable shift firmness/torque management, etc. Asking $240 shipped via Paypal "goods" payment. I will take care of the paypal fee and actual shipping cost. I ship quickly by Priority Mail with tracking number provided. PM me if you want to buy it. Thanks, Steve
  15. SOLD! Please lock or delete this thread!

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