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  1. i have the Kodiakz HMI and it is ABSOLUTELY a GM part. might want to look for another chevy dealership.
  2. The one Jon is talking about uses Yakima Q towers and clamp as shown below This is not on a Silverado Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. clamped the exhaust valve yesterday. sounds a little better at start up
  4. OnStar SUCCESS!!!! what i did: 1.called from Onstar app on my iPhone. 2. Option 3 3. Option 1 4. Option 3 Tech support person came on, she had no idea what i was talking about so i told her to do the following. 1. open a Case number 2. for the description of the ticket i told her to add the following. The truck now has an OEM HMI unit for navigation so software went from IO5 (NON NAV) to (IO6 NAV). I can now accept the destination download from the app but i need your L2 tech support to allow access for this on the account. that was monday ... i just received the email
  5. for the glove box removal there are 4 t-15 torx ( 2 up top - box open, 2 at the bottom) box drops down and the HMI unit is right behind the top glove box for the trucks. about the middle of the unit you'll see one clip holding it in. disconnect the 4 harness' ( if you have Nav 5 harness') press up on release tab and wiggle it down. It is very easy to change! now my question is i have a unit that has the Nav flash from Kodiakz. when you add the text option and all will the flash from kodiakz be over written? or is this just adding the features to the HMI unit?
  6. They can be found on eBay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. so the lights are definitely bright ... very happy with how they came out. also i received the OEM nav from kodiakz. it only took 30 mins to install and is all factory with all the factory functions. take out the glove box drop old module reconnect the wires .. then just place the antenna under the passenger side speaker run the wire down and it is done. so if you dont have a nav unit this addition will add nav weather gas price traffic ( need travel link from XM) and like i said it is OEM so all the OEM functions like it cam from factory. Sent from my iPad using Tapata
  8. subscribed for new console plug situation .... so far for me this would work since i have the 110v up front and the 12. just run the 12 from the rear up front to the second. i did read somewhere someone was going to check on the wire harness that doesn't come with bench seat trucks (front harness i believe) for proper fitment. can anyone with a console truck check under the dash next to the parking brake there is a black box. if you open that and see if the bottom left is empty, mine has an empty. wonder if the wire harness the bench seat trucks are missing goes in there?
  9. ok ... OnStar is insisting that they can't do anything. so this time i called started the conversation with well i have navigation in the vehicle but i am missing the send to nav in the app ... already been on hold 4 times but lets see what they come back with. rep: "oh now it is a GM problem cause it seems theres something wrong with the radio". me: ok let me repeat myself my navigation works if i speak direction or manually type it in. i get a nice little map thats highlights the road I'm suppose to be on then tells me to turn and all that fun stuff. so my navigation works.
  10. Yakima recently release the set up for the 14s. Go to www.yakima.com and choose "FIT MY CAR". Think it's around $360 for the kit. Thule is what I went with on my cap. Personally I like Thule better but I know plenty of people with Yakima and satisfied Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I haven't added the foot well lights yet but though I would share this. I ran the Leers interior cap light into the black box under dash by simply pushing the + into the slot where the thicker grey wire is. Then I zip tied it to another wire do it doesn't move or fall out. One of the reasons for doing this is now I can tap into that extra wire incase sh*t hits the fan then I don't have a mess to fix. I plan on tapping the footwell lights to my extra wire. Also needless to say I'll have a lot more room to work with. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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