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  1. Well here it is...finally got the Zone 4.5" installed about 2 weeks ago.
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    16 Silverado CCSB -Zone 4.5" Suspension Lift -Hostile Sprocket 20x12 -44 -AMP Attack M/T 285/55
  3. Wheels and tires are being shipped mounted and balanced. I'm aware of the amount of stretching but fine with it. Found a suspension shop willing to do the install and trimming. I'll post pics when finished.
  4. Just purchased the Zone 4.5" for my '16CCSB. Ran the Zone 6.5" on my old '12 Ram and loved it, never had any issues. I'm planning to run a 20x12 -44 wheel (Hostile Sprocket) wrapped in a 285/55/20 AMP Attack M/T, was wondering if anyone ran this setup, or at least a 20x12 wheel on a 4.5" lift? Unfortunately, I'm having a rough time finding a shop willing to do the install since they say it wont work. I have seen tons of videos and pics of guys with this setup, so I know I may have to bust a Norcal mod and do some trimming. What are your thoughts? If you got pics, lets see em.
  5. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Looks good, what size tire are you running? Any rubbing? I'm looking to go with a 20x10 -18 on a 295/55r20
  6. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Anyone have any experience with CCM Off-road 3" leveling kit? Searched the thread for a while and haven't found squat...

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