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  1. LOL @ Marlea thinking she's going to help out with this when we all know GM has already told us to get bent. More lip service from GM Customer Care with no proof of results.
  2. For all of our sakes, I hope you're wrong. I think we all hope it never gets to the point where those of us that want/need a full size truck can still afford one. A Colorado/Canyon does not work for me as I really need a full size rear seat for 3 kids car seats and I use the truck bed for, you know, truck things. What we are seeing here is manufacturers pushing the limits to see how high they can make truck prices climb before the consumer starts pushing back. As long as there are people out there that will spend upwards of 50K/60K/70K for a loaded/luxury truck, they'll keep pumping them out. The F-150 Platinum is a very popular model in my neck of the woods which blows my mind, seeing as how my area is not a wealthy area. Luckily for us, no one really pays MSRP for a vehicle. My F-150 Platinum stickered for 55K and I got it out the door for 45K, which was the MSRP on a Lariat. Same with my Silverado LT which stickered for 39K and I got it for 32K OTD. So we'll see how this all plays out and I hope the full size crew cab truck is here to stay.
  3. I'm not a die hard Chevrolet fan as I have owned just about every vehicle make under the sun from Honda to Jeep to Ford to Toyota to Chevy, etc. But if I had the means to afford it, my extra car would be a CTS-V sedan. Doesn't have to be the 2016 either, the 2010+ models look and perform great at 556 hp is plenty. My second choice would be a 2015 SS with 6 speed manual. I showed one to my wife the other day and she couldn't believe that it would have the kind of hp and tq that it does. I'd love to have either one of these and take it to Chuck's tuning in Houston to get some performance bits put on and tuned.
  4. So your SLE has: Power running boards Interior LED lighting with multiple colors/dimming 8 inch LED dash cluster Remote activated tailgate open Full cab length sunroof/moonroof Trailer back up assist Heated rear seats Rear seat A/C vents 360 degree camera 10 way adjusting massing leather seats I'm not saying you need or even want these items but you're delusional if you think a Sierra SLE is every bit as nice as the F-150 Limited. Having owned a 2012 F-150 Platinum before my Silverado, the Ford kills the Chevy in fit and finish.
  5. Ford wants to keep the title of best selling truck for 32 years straight and due to recent production issues causing delays and customers going to other brands, this is their way of moving trucks of the lot to make up for the shortfall. It seems that more customers ordered their 2015 F-150 this time around. Ford has a myriad of options and packages that can pretty much be put on any of their trims and ordering gets you the exact truck you want. I agree that the price is bloated to begin with but Ford is doing this for pride.
  6. See, this man gets it! Instead of pissing and moaning about how ugly it is or how it will hurt resale value or how the 14s and 15s were so much better looking, he's excited about change and excited about new, like a true car enthusiast. I'm the same way. I love new models, love changes, excited for what the new models bring to the table, new innovations, new styling. It's a lot of fun to see what the auto manufacturers can cook up next.
  7. Here's a quick comparison from a website that I use for tire measurements/clearances: The first wheel/tire is stock All-Star edition 18's and stock Goodyear tires. You can play around with this to get a feel for what might fit: http://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp
  8. Glad to see that Plasti-dipping the inserts worked out for you. Makes me wish I would have completed mine all those months ago. Also pretty crazy to see how much taller and wider your M/Ts are compared to my same size Open Country A/Ts. Truck looks awesome, man.
  9. Yes, I did. I put the 1.5" top spacer on first and it wasn't enough to make the truck level so I added another 1" bottom spacer. Works fine, no issues.
  10. Judging by that picture, looks like a Toyota Tundra.
  11. Well, when you spend $40,000 and up for a truck that can't even play FM stations without static, yeah people are going to change out the units. Seriously though, there are some people that never really grow out of enjoying music loudly. I am one of them. Even at 38 years old, I love to crank up the volume and jam out. If there was an easy, cost effective way to add a sub to my already Bose setup, I'd do it in a heartbeat just so I can feel the music a little more.
  12. Will be unveiled at the State Fair of Texas in September.
  13. For what it's worth, I had a 2012 F-150 Platinum with nitrogen filled tires. In the entire two years of ownership, not once did I have to refill them. They held the same pressure for two years. I know everyone always says that there is no everyday practical benefit in passenger car and truck applications for nitrogen, but to me that seems like a pretty good case for nitrogen in the tires. I realize not every vehicle may react the same way, just saying what I experienced firsthand. And believe it or not, nitrogen is relatively cheap. The going rate is about $500 per US ton in liquid form. I should know, I am a chemical process operator in an air separation plant which takes air and separates it into...you guessed it, nitrogen, oxygen and argon.
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