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  1. Sold! Thx for the interest guys.
  2. Sold my truck and kept the Autocal as the new owner didn't really care for it. Save some money and buy this one and then contact Jenna to buy a $300 license to tune your vehicle. Selling Autocal with both wires, and original box for $175 shipped. New from Blackbear its $600 so save $125 by going with this one. Still in perfect working condition.
  3. The issue with this is allot of people are worried about warranty issues down the road. Plus the additional cost associated with this doesn't help. A factory option sport mode would be ideal.
  4. Really wish GM would do something similar to what Ford is doing on their 2015 lineup by offering 3 drive modes. Normal, Tow-Haul, and Sport. Its a small thing that would go a long way.
  5. Next mod should definitely be a good vacuum and a trash out.
  6. Yup, only suspension mods are the Bilstein 5100's. The wheels are 18x9 Method NV's with a +18 offset. Tires are 285/65r18 Ko2's. Zero rubbing and the setup works great for me since I drive a ton.
  7. Nope, I've been very busy with work and pre-planned trips so I haven't had a chance to address the noise. At this point I'm just going to live with it. I don't mind the noise so much while I'm at work, its on the weekends when I'm out driving with friends that really gets under my skin. However the additional stopping power is hard to turn down, the brakes just grab so much better than the OEM pads. On another note I might be selling my truck here in a month or so. I'm just waiting on my insurance to approve the repair estimate for the damage that was caused a month or so ago when an elderly person switched into my lane and damaged my fender.
  8. Instead of the headreast I would rather GM offer rear seats that recline. Either by traditional method, or by a mechanism that would shift the seats forward a bit and recline the back. There is a ton of room back there and is crucial for long trips with family.
  9. I don't have the exact part number on me. But the ones I got are all keyed lug nuts.
  10. Because unlike payload numbers which can be easily calculated, mpg numbers have too many variables. Fuel quality, elevation, driving habits, average speed, wind, can all greatly affect mpg numbers both ways. However, I do agree that manufacturers need to be more upfront on the exact truck configuration used to achieve their advertised mpg numbers.
  11. You won't like the ride once you add a front 2.5" lift. It will be wayy stiff. Other than that your front UCA will be beyond maxed out and if you are 4x4 I'm not sure if you will need any additional components to get the truck riding right.
  12. Life goals right there. Having 22" "winter" wheels.
  13. The issue with the GM trucks is that partial throttle performance is terrible. I can only speak on my setup for the 5.3 w/3.42's, but stock it was such a slouch. Poor shifting habits, always in the wrong gear, tons of torque management. It made it to where if you were not in wide open throttle it was lazy and slow. Owners of the 6.2 have had the same complaints.
  14. Edit: for some reason on my phone the text above is in cursive and not in comic sans ANYWAYS; glad you had a positive experience with the BB tune. The TCM tune definietly wakes up the truck and makes it a joy to drive.
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