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  1. Just an update since nobody responded. Little more information on my issue which starts when the trans temp reaches above 150 degrees. Below 150 degrees the transmission has no issues shifting into 4th or 4th gear lock up. Above 150 degrees it will not shift into 4th but has no issues shifting 1-3. My thought was the fluid was getting thinner but didn't know what or where it was going wrong. Dropped the pan and checked all of the solenoids and everything was in spec for ohms reading. Thought it could be the feed limit actuator that is known to bore itself out (still unsure if that is damaged but ordered a whole new valve body with upgraded transgo feed limit). So in preparation for the new valve body to arrive I decided to take out the old one last night. When I dropped the valve body along with it came half of the 4th bolt or 4th clutch bolt. The other half was stuck in the transmission. I assume it was over torqued at one point causing it to crack and when the fluid gets thin it escapes through the threads instead of providing constant pressure to the 4th piston. Had to use a tap and screw to get out the half stuck in the transmission. Now not sure if this is the exact thing causing the issue but I assume it will be. So a $5 part was causing me to lose 4th gear when the transmission reached over 150 degrees. Just wanted to update the thread in case anybody has issues later on and doesn't know where to start. If everything checks out with the solenoids i'd take a look at this bolt. And I'll update this weekend after I put in the updated valve body and new 4th bolt in to verify everything is good to go now
  2. First post here in a long time but just recently picked up a 2005 GMC 2500HD 6.0 with 183k miles and 4l80e transmission. Vehicle is really clean but have come up with a transmission issue. When cold the transmission shifts into OD on the highway no issues. When the transmission gets up to operating temp it will not shift into OD, it sits at 3k rpm at 70mph. I did a stall speed test and it comes up to 2400rpm (believe stock is 2600) unsure if that is a real issue only 200rpm difference so don't believe it is the TC. When cold or warm the transmission shifts smooth as anything just when warm will hang 3rd. Checked fluid and it looks clean, not burned and full. Wondering if its worth changing the fluid/filter/shift solenoids and go from that point or just bring it to a shop. Not sure if the wrong fluid was used and if that would even cause the shifting issue when warm or if it is just the TC that needs to be replaced. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys haven't posted on these forums a while but think I'm going to look at a 14 GMC Sierra Duramax. Trying to see if their is anything I should look out for. Carfax shows 1 owner no accidents with 97k miles for $28,000. Trying to figure out what trim it is as it does not have leather or a carpet but does have a sunroof, dual climate control, etc... Could it be a Denali just with the work truck package? Here is a link to the truck. http://petersautomall.com/inventory/gmc-4/ Thanks for the help!
  4. Running boards are sold handle still available
  5. Sold the truck and have 2 items that have been in my garage for about 6+ months now. First is the rear chrome tailgate handle with camera cutout. Took it off with 1k on the truck and still looks like new. Will do 50 shipped to lower 48 2nd are the stock 6" chrome running boards. Took these off with probably 3k on the truck. Used condition but still in great condition. Comes with all mounting hardware. Will do 200 obo pick up only. Reside in Greensboro NC but willing to drive to meet if have to.
  6. Yea if I didn't need the CC I would've kept the truck as it was fine for my needs. But now definitely need the extra space. Its a 6 speed wish they came out with the 8spd for the 6.4 that would be amazing. Right now only the 3.0 Diesel, 3.6 and 5.7 hemi have the option for 8spd. I'm sure 2016 or 2017 will be out with it. Yea I actually watched that last night and the Chevy did it better by a minute. Problem with the tow mode on the Ram was it kept the transmission in 3rd and had no power. If you did both test with being able to manual shift who knows what would've happen. Diablo released tuning for the 6.4 but you need to send in your PCM or buy a new one from them cause they locked the stock PCM from being tuned. I know they put a supercharger on a 6.4 and it made 600+ hp and 580 something tq. The stock numbers are plenty for what I need it for.
  7. I loved my Chevy and have a guy I deal with at the dealer that we deal with all the time and he still couldnt help me out. I'm not brand loyal I've had Honda, Subaru, Chevy, Jeep and now Ram. Who ever will give me the best deal is who I am going with. I love the Ram the suspension for being a 7000lb truck is amazing. I think it mostly has to do with the rear suspension. Its of course not as nice as my Chevy but that is because it weighs 2x what the Chevy does. Still has MDS or AFM which is what the Chevy was. Interior isnt as nice as far as the radio and instrument cluster but the cluster is an easy upgrade to the premium. The radio can be upgraded to the 8.4" nav as well just cost about $700 out of pocket. I would've liked to stay with Chevy but def dont regret getting the Ram I love it. I know in the long run the Ram might cost more in ownership witb repairs but I honestly dont drive my vebicles often. Had the Silverado for over a year and only put 6k miles on it so this Ram should last me long enough till I get bored of it
  8. I never said I had to save money I said I needed more space so not backwards at all.
  9. Well since I didn't say power I said throttle response it has nothing to do with the 4.3L vs 6.4L. 900 threads complaining of the throttle response issue with the new GM's. My Chevy I would give it gas and it wouldn't do anything, this Ram I give it a tiny bit of gas and it actual responds to my throttle input. Which is how the Chevy should be. its on its first tank of gas since I picked it up yesterday and the EVIC readout is 13.6 right now with 80% city driving. Not bad for not being close to broken in and mostly city driving. Will hand calculate when I fill it up to get a better idea.
  10. So had a newborn a week ago and needed more room as I only had the double cab. Went to Chevy to try and get a CC but they just wouldn't make a good deal. So went over the Ram dealer and they made me a deal that I couldn't turn away. So had to say goodbye to Chevy and picked up a 15 Ram 2500 6.4L. Gotta say the biggest improvement I have seen is just having a throttle that actually responds to my input. So nice compared to my old Chevy. This is what I got ride of. Was a 14 LT 4x4 4.3L leveled with RC 2.5" and 33" Toyo ATII's on stock wheels. And here is the new one. Already debadged it and trying to figure out the wheels/tires I want to get.
  11. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/152356-2014-suspension-lifts/ Read that thread should answer all your questions you have
  12. I have 33's with RC 2.5" lift and never had any service lights come on. I don't think I've ever read anybody having a issue but I could be wrong.
  13. I have the same problem. Truck is at the dealer now for the 3rd day. Have to go in tomorrow to do a test ride with the technician to see if the sound they hear is the one I am talking about (even tho it is the only damn sound made). I told them I played with the adaptive valve while under the truck and it sounded like that was the issue but they are still sitting on the truck.
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