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  1. reread my last post. the sprint booster only makes the throttle body think you are pushing the pedal a little more than you are. your brain perceives this as less "lag." basically, it doesn't do anything. just so you are aware, I tune vehicles often. I know exactly how it works. ;-)
  2. A sprint booster will not win any races, lol..... Without it, you press the pedal 50% and the throttle blade on the engine opens, for example purposes, 50%. With sprint booster, you press pedal 50% and throttle blade opens, say, 55 or 60%. You can get the same effect without it by pressing the pedal 60% instead of 50%. If you have a sprint booster or not, pressing the pedal 100% means the throttle blade opens.......anyone, anyone? That's right, 100%. No change.
  3. why would a catback make it stop pulling timing in the shift? might as well expect your new tires to keep your milk cold on the way back from the grocery store. yes, the ECM retards spark during the shift, it has been this way for many years, the only difference is the new ECMs are much more sophisticated as are the transmissions and the spark is pulled and replaced more quickly and with better timing vs the shift. everything can be adjusted in the tune.
  4. I doubt it will be as popular in cold climates
  5. DC and Maryland = terrible. lived there for a few years. sucks. sorry to those who live there, i recommend moving asap.
  6. guess i am lucky to be in texas. :-) but i already knew that.
  7. hiring someone is easier said than done? maybe only if you drug test, being in colorado. ;-)
  8. Black Bear Performance Now Hiring Call 888-888-8888 then people will call you and you can decide if you want to hire them by asking them questions about themselves.
  9. "I farm and workout so I know the value of time." signature worthy
  10. I have the magnaflow on my 6.2 and even with long tubes/high flow cats it is amazing. Best aftermarket exhaust I have ever had! smooth, deep, no rasp, not too loud......i really do like it and I never admit to liking anything!
  11. going to start by replacing all of the injectors? gotta love throwing parts at it.... what ever happened to actual diagnosis? what code(s) set off the CEL?
  12. How long are any of us going to keep the truck? I never understood the fuss over what oil/weight to use, especially with the quality of oils today..... If you are going to keep your truck until you literally die and want it to run until then, ok, maybe I can understand, but if you are going to put 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 150K on your truck, does the fuss over which oil make a difference? I don't think so...change your oil, of course, but 0/20 vs 5/20 vs Mobil 1 vs other leading brand.....doesn't matter.
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