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  1. I have a feeling you are looking for the foam in this kit to seal up the big gaps at the top of the box. https://www.accesscover.com/access-total-bed-seal/
  2. Adding an extra leaf can be done with no issues. Keep in mind your ride is going to definitely get stiffer. I would go with some air bags but I am not so sure that is an option for you if you plan on lifting the truck in the future. I have had air bags and they are awesome, The ride is nice and you can adjust the height to where you want it.
  3. I would totally disagree with this statement. Part of any alignment is to make sure the steering wheel is centered. This is the number 1 complaint when people get a wheel alignment done. If you get your vehicle back and the wheel isn't centered the alignment guy was being lazy. This also plays into the anti skid systems on pretty much any newer vehicle, If the steering wheel is not centered the computer thinks your turning but your not. I would take the truck back and get it fixed.
  4. We run green and white here, I have a light strip in the night rider gap under the hood as well as 2 led strobes just below that. I didn't drill any holes to mount the lights. I used a flat metal bracket to sandwich the lights to the grill. My switch is mounted below the steering wheel near the bottom of the dash. I did drill a hole for that switch but its in a spot where its not noticeable. I have my radio antenna mounted in the roof so I figured 1 more hole didn't matter. I have never had an issue with holes drilled anywhere when I trade the truck in.
  5. RFI causes issues with 2 way radios and car stereos, signal is drowned out by static. FM radio stations that you had no problem hearing will barley tune in. This interference comes from several sources, low quality usb adapters, cheap HID lights, cheap led headlights and cheap led light bars.
  6. I am not saying your having issues, This forum is for everyone to read. I took a measurement in the center console USB with the same 1.5A result. $37 is worth it if you are running any equipment in your truck that has issues with RFI. I have a ham radio in my Jeep and it picks up noise from the junk USB adapters. If this isn't a problem for you that's fantastic. If someone reading this has issues with RFI and this helps then the forum has done its job. I guess I just like doing jobs once and doing a clean install, Maybe I am too fussy. Good luck with your project! I will be waiting for pictures.
  7. Yes its easier to add new outlets for sure. Do yourself a favor and buy something that is good quality. These cheap USB power supplies are a horrible for generating RFI. I have installed this USB outlet in my Jeep and have been very happy with it. https://powerwerx.com/blue-sea-1045-fast-charge-dual-usb-charger-socket-mount
  8. I can confirm that the USB ports in my 2017 Sierra are more than 0.5A. If I have my iPad plugged into the truck it draws almost 1.5 amps. If I have my ipad plugged into the 2A apple charger it draws almost exactly the same current. If you are having trouble with things being charged I would check the cable because its not the truck.
  9. I have an Icom ID-4100 radio installed in my 2017 GMC. I also have the Bose stereo. I made a custom bracket to hold the head unit just above the vent on the left of the steering wheel. The main unit us under the rear seat back. When mounting the radio under there you need to be careful as the seat back lowers when the seat is down. I put an NMO style antenna in the roof and love it. I would highly recommend that antenna install.
  10. I second the fuzzy side of Velcro. Have installed it on almost every vehicle I have owned. Works like a charm.
  11. I had one bad sensor on my 2017. Every time I would wash it or drive in the rain I would have issues for a day or so. I took it to the dealer and they couldn't find anything wrong, Went back to the car wash and got the same problem. I took it back and showed them the pics of the messages I was getting and told them to wash the truck. They ended up changing one sensor and all has been fine since.
  12. Biggest issue with trailers is the ground wire gets left out of the plug. The hitch is a horrible ground.
  13. I am interested in how you like your exhaust. I have a 2017 CCSB with a 6.2 and want to have the exhaust put on but I am afraid it will be too loud and drone inside the cab. I am looking for a nice sound but not too loud. I had no idea and didn't give any thought that the ANC would need calibration.
  14. Nice product! Just got mine today. Divider fits great in the floor console.
  15. I have had problems with mine as well. I have had mine to the dealer and they replaced the HMI module i think. I still have issues and it is frustrating. Same thing happens to me. Sometimes it connects fine and the next time its crap. Sure would be nice if they would come up with a system that works.
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