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  1. Everyone who changes out their shocks to the billstein 5100s says it helps tremendously with this issue. One person changed out the rears only (quicker and easier) and said it helped with the rear end. I have a standard bed and driving on roads in Louisiana causes this to happen a lot. I definitely plan to throw some 5100s on this year.
  2. Looks nice! Which flares are these? Also, did they require screwing into the fender to install?
  3. In the video he mentions the "Speak button and hang up button" works. What happens when you hit the speak button in the normal state? Can you actually give voice commands to call someone or is it solely to answer calls when they are coming in.
  4. Question for any of the different versions: I have carseats installed and removing them, lifting up the seats to access the storage, then re-installing carseats would be a pain. If you didn't tie down the boxes can you get it over the lip of the all weather floormats to slide it out forward? Due to the middle hump I'm assuming pulling it out sideways isn't an option. If it won't come out forward I may buy one, cut in in half, and 3D print some ends so I could pull the halves out sideways.
  5. I believe most of them require you to screw into the fender. As you can imagine, now you've removed the paint coating (in the new hole) and introduced a place for water to get to it. I haven't done it myself but I imagine if you do screw into your fender you could always coat the bare metal after or apply some kind of sealant.
  6. There is hope for us Customs yet. Cluster upgrade + steering wheel. No custom harness either just one jumper wire. See this thread:
  7. Yep agreed. The cluster I plan on purchasing through them as they program it to your VIN. But your radio shouldn't need to be touched. Negative... they have programming services for all of the other radios, but us with the IORs are stuck with wired besides adding a wireless aftermarket dongle type device.
  8. I don't think it would effect the leather but the look and feel of it wouldn't match the rest of the truck. I would personally put on a leather one if I were you. Something like http://wheelskins.com/or http://smile.amazon.com/Classic-Steering-Wheel-Cover-Leather/dp/B00KOA96C4?sa-no-redirect=1
  9. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/153974-swap-2014-sle-headlights-for-slt-w-leds/page-1 This thread will answer all your questions.
  10. I realize it isn't a big change but you are still changing the geometry of the suspension. It was designed for the stock height and conditions the stock height would encounter. So if you spent many hours and money into R&D for a certain suspension set up, would you warranty it if someone wants it changed from stock for a cosmetic reason? Also, LOTS of dealers around here sell new jacked up trucks with big tires and aftermarket wheels. They warranty it through their dealership only, and you are definitely paying for that warranty from what they charge for those modifications. The local
  11. Unfortunately zero.... Heading home from work in bumper to bumper traffic. At first from far away I thought it was a wierd looking Raptor but as it got closer I saw the chevy badge and hood over the headlight thing going on (as well as the bumpers and all that jazz). On the back it had the reaper emblem. If you're saying no one owns one then this guy built an exact replica. Just like all the pics online.
  12. I saw one of these around town a couple weeks back in black. Looked a lot better in person.
  13. Although I haven't used ramps on the truck yet I'm sure the answer will be "depends on the ramps you are using". I know the air dam looks low but the ground clearance is still a good bit (for the street). I've used the standard rhino ramps on economy cars all the time and can't imagine the clearance is lower on these trucks. They are easily removable and there is even a thread dedicated to removing it under the accessories/modifications forum. Even if it did scrape a little bit the ramps are usually plastic so I can't imagine too much damage happening. Best thing I can say is (assumin
  14. I know this is late but may help some others decide what is possible. 2014 Sierra SLE CC Short Bed 2WD, max tow package, SLE Value package, SLE Convenience Package, All weather floor mats, Wheel locks. MSRP came to 43,500ish + 6" chrome side steps (I think they had it listed as $700 extra) Bought Sept 1st 2014 I got it at a Labor day sales event for 13,000 off MSRP with 21 miles on the odometer. Before TTL total was 31,XXX. Southern Louisiana for reference Edit: Also there was a dealer offering 12,000 off crew cab Silverado LTs at the same time. If I didn't get the Sierra l
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