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  1. I'm thinking 2" to level it. After I see how that looks I might add a 1" block in the rear. I'm hoping to get it done this weekend. I'll take some before and after measurements to compare actual vs listed.
  2. I'm about to install some, but just my thoughts on it... The physical measurement of the shock should be the distance taller than stock to make the difference. Also, the shocks use compressed gas inside. If it changes height over time that would seem to me like there is a leak. I'm interested to see someone's thoughts who have used them though.
  3. Yeah, through Android auto or carplay it would work, but I hate having to always connect a wire and the android auto connection isn't super reliable either. When NOT in Android auto or car play I can now press the button and my phone listens for my commands. By default it didn't know what to do until I set it up to always use Google assistant. My post may have been worded poorly.
  4. For anyone else as dumb as me I thought people were saying the voice button was working through the radio like an LT or higher. So when I installed mine I was a little disappointed when I pressed the button and it didn't do anything (except in Android auto) but still much better than before. However, I found out it does try to work through a connected Bluetooth device. My android phone was (quietly) giving me the option of Android auto, alexa, or Bixby when the button was pressed so I didn't notice. Now that I selected "always open with Google assistant" on my phone when I press the voice button the radio pauses and the phone listens, even when not in Android auto. I'm much happier now! I have a feeling the iPhone people had it work right away through siri. So long story short. If you do this make sure to set up your phone properly for the full experience!
  5. It's showing you which way is the front.
  6. I have a 5 and 7 year old that use these in my double cab Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat, Proof https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07C2RNRCJ/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_6M47YQF9A72XDSVH7XH7 They don't use the seatbelt it's still a harness. Not sure if you're entirely trying to go away from a harness style buckle. In case you don't want to buy new seats they do make seatbelt extenders that are cheap and might help.
  7. Totally agree with you. For anyone in the future that needs it.
  8. Awesome, thank you so much! In case anyone is looking for this info in the future I measured my mirrors at 13 5/8 from the window, so tow mirrors would roughly be minimum 5 inches wider per side.
  9. Can anyone provide info on how much wider the tow mirrors are vs standard ones? I found the vehicle width without is listed at 81.24 inches, but can't find anything about with the tow mirrors. Or even if someone can take a measurement from the window to the furthest point I would appreciate it.
  10. Yes. You have to upgrade the cluster to get audio controls and the WAMS unit does this for you.
  11. Lol you completely missed the point of my post. The confusion comes in when 5.8ft vs 5ft 8in is used. I was trying to explain it so someone unaware would understand WHY there is a difference. Telling people "if it fits it fits!" doesn't help them. As you showed this doesn't happen in metric. Obviously I didn't mean convert 5.8ft to cm. I'll never understand why people get so upset when someone mentions metric. Anyone who uses both regularly knows which is easier to work with.
  12. Welcome to freedom units! 5.8' is 5.8 feet. So 5.8 x 12 inches = 69.6 inches. 5'8" is 5 feet 8 inches, so (5ft x12inches)+8 inches = 68 inches. Per the new truck configurator a short bed on a 2021 is 69.92 inches, so about 5.8 ft. A standard bed is 79.44 inches, so about 6.6 ft. Or roughly 6' 7". It's easy to see why there is confusion, even among the marketing material from Chevrolet because the marketing people aren't the designers. The designers are going to use inches to be more precise, which then other people convert to feet because the average American can't easily visualize 69.92 inches, but you tell them in feet they will relate to it better. So when you convert from inches do you just divide by 12 and say 5.8 ft, or divide by 12, then carry the remainder and convert back to inches? This is an example of why other countries use metric.
  13. Everyone who changes out their shocks to the billstein 5100s says it helps tremendously with this issue. One person changed out the rears only (quicker and easier) and said it helped with the rear end. I have a standard bed and driving on roads in Louisiana causes this to happen a lot. I definitely plan to throw some 5100s on this year.
  14. Looks nice! Which flares are these? Also, did they require screwing into the fender to install?
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