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  1. Thank you! I think we set the coilovers at 2-1/4. The tires are 285/70-17. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Good thinking! I went with the blocks just because I have not had an issue with the factory leaf springs. I have owned deaver springs before on my ram and I loved them, I just didn’t think they were necessary for me yet.
  3. They are awesome!!! Just an fyi the rear long travel shackles lower your ride height in the rear so if you plan on a leveling/lifting look they will give you a nose high prerunner look. If you want a level/lift look you will want to order some deaver leaf springs, add a leaf or a taller block to have a level/lift.
  4. I got the same set up! I hope it works out better for you than the ICONs! Are you going with the dirtking long travel shackles out back?
  5. Great set up with the FOXs and the Dirtking uca. I have a set up close to that and could not be happier!
  6. 2016 Denali Cluster for Sale

    I might need to get me a Pgamboa special and fly you out here! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. 2016 Denali Cluster for Sale

    Sooooo will this work in a 2015 silverado LT? [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. I did not figure it out but the GM wiring master forum member Pgamboa has done it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. Okay, I have no idea where the x203 block is lol! I see in the electronic service manual X201, but I searched the entire electronic service manual and can't find any thing labeled X203. I feel like I am taking crazy pills!!!!
  10. Well I had a little success. the dealer quoted me $1,200 with the diagnostic fee! After i schooled them on the issue and how many other people were affected by this faulty part they knocked it down to $925. Then I contacted GM Customer Engagement Center. via the website and got a phone call from a representative with in the hour. They told me they would see what they could do. an hour later the dealer called me and adjusted the price to $495 + the diagnostic fee. The had the truck back to me in one day. No problems so far!
  11. on page 8 of this discussion someone posted these part #s. 23438932 (hose) 1 $127.36 23264893 (bracket) 1 $6.68 12356150 (refrigerant) 2 $14.26 20982844 (*condenser) 1 $256.07
  12. Add me to the list @ 59,855 miles! I filed a complaint at NHTSA and strongly recommend everyone do the same! https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/?_ga=1.203170257.1767629473.1491918395&gclid=Cj0KCQiAh_DTBRCTARIsABlT9MbM5lg_JxE3jrKTIhdTTlxlR3E47xMW85makHHsOXkN-kyvcR10E2saAg53EALw_wcB I will be contacting GM as soon as I am done dealing with the BS the dealer is spitting out!
  13. Exactly what Velocyraptor said! A mid travel kit will not get you the exact look you are going for. I am running a Dirtking mid-travel kit and extended travel Fox 2.5 dsc on all corners. I can not fit 35" tires with out getting the fiberglass fenders and some fabrication. With the idea's you are asking you really need to do the suspension first and the fiberglass fenders and then see how far you wanna go with the fabrication and fiberglass fenders to fit 35"/37" tires. With the 6.2 you will not notice the 35"' upgrade as much but if you decide to go 37" you have to re gear! Yo can not go wrong with Mazzulla, bajakits or dirtking. They are all priced very close. I would contact a company that you are leaning towards and tell them your goals and budget. For a full cantilever long travel set up the rear you are looking at serious $$$$$. If you want a long travel kit your looking at least $7,200 just for the suspension front and rear not installed. The fiberglass fenders are not that expensive, its the fab to fit larger tires and paint that adds up! figure $2,000 for the front fenders with mods and paint. I have no idea what the rear fiberglass fenders cost to install but I would guess another $2,000. Do not forget you have to add up your new wheel tire combo $2,200. The bumper in the photo looks like an ADD or Nfab bumper those are around $2,000? issues not expected: 1) not every shop is good at doing alignments on long or mid travel suspensions so that narrows down places to bring your vehicle. ( you will wnat to have more alignments done with long or mid travel) 2) Replacement parts - all of these kits use uni-ball and heim joints on everything. These will need to be replaced more often than regular bushings and require more maintenance this goes back to issue #1. I.E. oem upper ball joint $50ea vs a uniball $110ea. 3) you can not just go to your local parts store to get these parts. meaning you know you are going to need them almost every 20,000 miles so make sure you buy them and have them on hand if its your daily driver! 4) do to these uniball and hemi joints you will notice more squeeks. not a big deal but be prepared cuz it will happen everytime your truck moves and comes to a stop. 5) While the icon, king and fox shocks/coilovers look amazing and are incredibly comfortable and handle amazing these do require more maintenance as well. They are rebuild-able and is recommended to have them re valved and sealed every 50,000 miles and more every 10,000 miles http://www.ridefox.com/service.php?m=offroad I could go on for days but these are the ones to get you thinking!

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