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  1. This might work with some vehicles. http://www.thespareshield.com/
  2. I would like the OEM trailer control brake be plug and play when you order the towing package. A lot of the dealers leave it out when you purchase on the lot. Add a little more on the towing package. This way it will give you the option to have the OEM brake if you need it. It is a more cleaner installation. More money to GM on accessory cost.
  3. Isn't it chrome overlay or chrome plated?
  4. I put a plastic cover on the spare tire years ago and it trapped water and dirt/salt inside. Not worth it and may have cause more damage because the tire never dried out properly.
  5. 8 years later, Chevy admits the "man step" is a good idea! Pictures included in website attached below. http://www.autoblog.com/2017/02/02/chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-tailgate-step-2019-patent/
  6. I am so glad they discontinue this color. I got one and it is pretty cool because it "pops" because there are not too many or very few around my area that has this color. I had this color on my Chevy Blazer (1978) with a two tone white color wide side strip many years ago. The Toyota Tundra has it and I saw it on different cars etc.. It was only available in 2016 on the 1500 GMC Sierra and Silverado. People come up to me almost every day saying they like the color. I got the truck and didn't see the color (brought it on another dealership lot) until my dealer got it from the other dealership. Very happy with this color.
  7. I have a 2016 GMC Sierra with the mahogany metallic color and love it. I think they only had this color for a couple of years and I don't see too many trucks with this color in my area. This is what I like about it. A lot of people come up to me stating they like the color or giving me the thumbs up . I just feel a lot of people just over looked it.
  8. Welcome! Nice truck and good luck with it.
  9. A lot of these $10 an hour employees know how to take these sticks off better than the average person. They do it a lot more times. If they do mess it up than the dealer is responsible to fix the damage. You always have the option to walk away and not pay for the vehicle until they meet your satisfaction. I like them to mess it up because I would get a better deal on the vehicle or a different one.
  10. When you pay good money for a vehicle why should you take these stickers etc. off your vehicle? I tell or make the dealers take the stickers etc. off or there is no sale before I take ownership. It is the consumer power to make the dealer kiss your axx. Why are people afraid to make the dealer do this when the dealer doesn't have the right to do it without your permission in the first place. It is your property - stop letting the dealers do this without your permission and being a push over. I never had a problem with "service" without the dealer sticker etc. and I purchased a lot of vehicles. If I did, they would hear from me. I guess I just don't put up with this BS.
  11. The point is you didn't save $4,000 unless you paid sticker price and you spent $2,000 (labor cost?) which in most cases is not going to increase the value of a WT truck at trade in. The question is if it is worth it? In your case it is and it appears you did a good job. People have to think it out if it is really worth the cost and maybe shop around to get their best price on a vehicle with these item. Sorry if you don't agree. End of conversation.
  12. Maybe if you look at listed prices (sticker price) you are correct but with the discounts, rebates and dealing the $6,000 price comes down a lot especially when you can purchase the vehicle on the lot. I found out it was very hard to get a fully equipment regular cab WT/LS model in April where right now I could get an LT for the same price or a little less with more options. Usually a double cab has a $3,000 - $3,500 difference in sticker price over a regular cab but with the better rebates/discounts etc. on double cabs - the price is a lot less. GM and other dealerships are having a very hard time selling off their 2016 right now. This has been in the news. It all depends when you purchased the truck and how you worked out the price. Installing these options has no increase trade in value and there is no warranty coverage because it is going to be looked as a WT/LS trim level truck. I know right now I could get an LT for far less than $6,000 sticker price and maybe some what a little over $2,000 but I also would get some more additional options other that is mentioned here as well. There would be also a savings on your additional labor time (which is not counted) and possible issues or problems with your warranty. If I was looking for a second hand truck, I only look for a truck with the regular stock items for that trim level. I don't need any future trouble. Some dealerships mark these improvements down on the trade in as well. I don't see a $4,000 being ahead - maybe a little but a loss in the trade in because it is still a WT trim level truck.
  13. In my opinion spending over $2,000 plus labor would have been better spent getting an LT trim level which would have a better trade in value and more options. Especially on the deals and rebates they are offering now. Most people ordering a WT or LS trim just want a plain truck with the basic options or some additional chrome to use for work or just use as a truck should be used. All these upgrades wouldn't be covered under the warranty as well. I usually buy the LS trim level but now it is getting harder and harder to get some of the nice options offered on other trim levels. I.E. you can't get the CD any more on the LS or WT truck models.
  14. Just get a seat belt extender. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2PCS-Universal-Auto-Car-Seat-Belt-Buckle-Clip-Extender-Safety-Alarm-Stopper-/221944831242
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