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  1. i don't want to mess with it either, i'd would rather buy the little harness you have in your video. that seems to be the simplest way to go.
  2. you are right i just looked there is another junction. i saw a purple wire going in but didn't see one coming out. i wonder if i could buy that wire with the terminals and just push them in that connection and the fuse block.
  3. ok, so how do i get the little wiring harness? probably be easier than trying to figure out where the wire is on my connection under the dash.
  4. what kind of joke is GM pulling? i pulled the fuse panel out and if i'm looking at it right there is no wire on the connector but i have the connector to plug the wire from the new clock spring.
  5. I got my heated wheel installed with a new clock spring. every thing works but the heat part. i have the connector under the dash and there is a 7.5 amp fuse in the fuse box says its for the heated wheel. I see everything on this form to run a wire if you don't have the connection but i have the connection and a fuse in the panel, not sure where to go from here. this job was easy until trying to get my old fat hands under the dash. I have a 2016 Silverado LT 1500 double cab 4x4
  6. Hello, I have a 2016 Silverado LT I bought last Aug. Soon as i got it home I ordered a auto dimming rear view mirror thinking it was plug and play. When i saw it wasn't dimming I started to do some reading. Ran across all this info on it. I'd like to use the rear view mirror but all the links above comes back to this page. I really don't care about the outside mirrors. Also I don't see how or where to buy a wiring harness if i need one. thanks
  7. New here. I bought a 2016 Silverado LT double cab last August Black inside and out. I can say it has everything I want on it other than auto dimming inside review mirror. I bought one before I found out it was not plug and play so it sits in the garage on a shelf. The thing I hate about this truck is the transmission sometimes it shifts nice others it act like it doesn't know what it wants to do. I'd rather have the old 4 speed auto from my old 2008 GMC Sierra. I hate this 6 speed. Another thing is the tailgate it has a nice easy down but heavy putting it up. Why not easy up and down? Its ok for me to left but it"s hard on my wife to lift. I don't hate it but would been nice to have easy up.
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