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  1. I had the tail lights on the drive side go out... no fuse anywhere the stealer finally told me wire goes directly to the BCM that might need to be reset or replaced. Luckily I had the extended warranty and they had the truck four 4 days. The problem they told me they found was a corroded wire under the dash.
  2. Looking for help..... I have a 2014 GMC Sierra SLT with 30K... thinking of trading in for a 2020..... + / - I think all the bugs have been worked out of it.....
  3. I did google it and found this....... https://ecclesautoservice.ca/do-electronic-rust-protectors-work/
  4. The dealer said rubberized and gave me the name Cal-Tex. On line it says it is " A paraffin-based material, our Rust Inhibitor keeps moisture from corroding inner body panels from the inside out. Not only does Rust Inhibitor help reduce rust and corrosion, but it also helps protect against salt and humidity. "
  5. That is what my dealer used...... it lasted 3 years and it is now peeling off...... They told me it was a one time treatment covered.... and now offered to use a rubberized undercoating no charge. Any opinions ?
  6. GMC = RUST Both bumpers had rust through ( from the inside out ) within a year of ownership.... dealer replaced both and told me I should have waxed it. Had the frame wax recall treatment.... it lasted two years. found out it is a one time deal...... even if put on incorrectly. You can see where the pads from the lift contacted the frame before it had set up..... in a hurry ????
  7. the fix for my turn signal and brake light not working.......
  8. This was under the dashboard..... not near the bulb end. I think that harness might be a little more
  9. Just got mine back from the dealer.... On the 2014 GMC Sierra THERE IS NO FUSE for the rear turn signal/brake lights. They go directly to the body control module. On my truck they found some corroded wires under the dash. They repaired them and now my lights work as they should.
  10. A final fix... other than a can of gas and a flare Found a dealer ( West Herr GMC in East Aurora) that could answer my question Is there a fuse for the rear brake and turn signal. There is not. The wires run directly to the BCM. Which was not the problem. After 4 days they found corroded wires under the dash inside the car. Fixed those and it is happy now. The plugs and harnesses outside were fine. They used common sense troubleshooting and followed the signal.... Hope this helps anyone in the future.
  11. Are there fuses on a 2014 GMC Sierra for the left rear turn/stop light ? Thank You
  12. Can you tell me where the fuses are ? I have a left rear error on my dash, replaced both bulbs but no luck. Brake light on that side is also dead
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