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  1. I bought my 2500 in Idaho -- Dennis Dillion. I'm from Calif. You will need the following: 1. Vin verification by the DMV. 2. Smog 3. Vehicle weight certificate. Usually the out of state dealer has an agancy that will do the paper work and submit it to the DMV. Its pretty simple. I got all 3 docs done in one day.
  2. @inquenciocha The dealer, Dennis Dillion in Boise ID did the the level kit. I picked it up about a month ago. From what the accessory manager told me they installed keys from GM 2011-2019. It was leveled with GM parts with the exception of the shocks and rear blocks. Over all it rides pretty good. I'm thinking go with 35x12.5R20 on 20x10 Hostile wheels. If I get rubbing then I would add some front bumper spacers -- .5" to 1" spacers.
  3. I had a 2.5" level kit installed along with 1" blocks in the rear. I don't have an issue with the ride.
  4. Found the issue. The wires going to the right fender was pinch. QC issue I guess..
  5. Just the other day the right side park lamps are out.. right tail light, both right fender lights and front right park light was out. Found blown 15A fuse #42 prk lamp RT. Replaced it and blows immediatly when I turn on the head lights. I put the right tail light to the left side and it works and doesn't blow the left side fuse so right tail light is good. Has anybody experience this issue? Im taking to the dealer but just checking to see if I can get this fix instead ASAP.
  6. I went to a local Cat weight station to measure the weight of my 2020 2500HD Denali. The tare weight was 8440 lbs. Is this correct? I thought it would be around 6900 to 7100 lbs. Doing this for registration purposes... I bought mine out of state.
  7. Looks good! What film did you use? Did you remove the lens? Going to do this mod on my white GMC 2500
  8. I dont know... the delaer gave me the original torsion keys and added 1" blocks in the rear. It drives nice. Call Dennis Dillion accessory shop and ask for paul.. he can tell you what kit they use.
  9. Got my 2020 2500HD Denali on Friday... Level kit and Amp retracts running boards
  10. Test drove a 2500 Denali Duramax today. Loved it. Waiting for. White one and the AT4 to come in to compare and pull the trigger.
  11. I had my 2015 Denali windshield replaced by Safelite. They were going to use 3rd party as per my insurance company (AAA). I called AAA and had to request to get an OEM glass due to HUD.
  12. Premier was the set I got after the crappy OEM tires. Great tire and great traction!.
  13. I bought 22" Michelin Premiers for my '15 Yukon Denali in Oct. Just in time for the winter season. Great traction in the wet roads. It also handle the snowy roads in Mammoth with no problem. Great traction! So glad I bought Michelins.
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