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  1. Bump open for offers. Would like someone else to be able to use these instead of having excess sitting.
  2. Also have a bottle of Adam's Tire Shine $11 Everything shipped $115
  3. Selling some of the excess products I have that I have extra of. Adam's interior detailer $12 Adam's buttery wax $15 Chemical Guys Pete 53 wax, 2 applicators, and towel $30 Adam's Metal Polish 16oz #1 $20 #2 $20 Chemical guys Blacklight $20 Prices do not include shipping. willing to work with on shipping when multiple items purchased. Want it all? $105 shipped.
  4. I'm asking is if others look inside your hood and turn the wheel side to side if the rack or assembly moves back and forth a couple inches or stays still.
  5. I've got the typical front end pop. I have replaced the upper arms, lower ball joints, sway bar links, newer bilsteins. when I turn I get a pop. I cant find it. I did notice that the entire assembly moves a couple inches when you turn the wheel back and forth. Is this normal? I would not think it should have any movement. trying to narrow down the problem. Dont like just throwing money at it to see if goes away.
  6. The only good side to mine is I'm getting a new gm transmission with a new warranty on the trans. Fist time I have bought extended warranty. so glad that I'm actually using it, since I paid for it. I bought it with the engine in mine.
  7. My 14 is getting a new transmission. Gm has it on order right now. 110k. Pump failed. I bought it at 85k. Did transmission fluid and filter change along with all other fluids.
  8. I took my 14 5.3 in for an alignment and had them check the trans for hard shifts. Has 108k on it. They came back with this Pip5175c bulletin. They recommend replacement over doing an overhaul. I had not seen this bulletin number in here before. Anyone had this bulletin before? And has anyone had better luck with the newer replacement torque converter? As far as lasting longer? Thinking about trying to get a circle d put in at the same time.
  9. For sale is a set of used black textured door handles. They were on my 2014 Silverado. It is a set for a double/crew cab. No damages but are used. $55 shipped.
  10. Seems to good to be true. Anyone buy these?
  11. Bump. Bed liner and tailgate liner. Good condition. Oem. Was in truck when I bought truck.
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