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  1. Finally decided on a set of running boards/sliders. I didn't like the look of the stock boards and felt that they stuck out too much. I'm tall enough that I don't use boards and always seem to bang my leg up against them, however, I needed something for the kids. Picked up a set of Go Rhino Dominator DSS sliders and am really happy with them. They are more flush than stock, protect the sides of the vehicle from debris and the kids can use them when needed.
  2. I pinned back the flapper valve to full open today and noticed better throttle response. As well, the helicopter sound, when the truck is in the lower RPMs, has been reduced. Overall, it sounds better, and feels like the power comes on smoother. If you have the S&B, I'd recommend opening up the flapper!
  3. Got mine installed last night and left the box plug off as well. Man, does it sound good! I test drove it last night and a little this morning and did not notice any vibration at all. Normal cruising its barely noticeable, but as soon as you step on it, it has a nice deep growl. I ran an Airaid Jr. intake on my 15 Sierra and the S&B is noticeably louder. Testing it out last night, I chirped the tires which surprised me since I was never able to do it as easily stock. Throttle response has improved quite a bit, which is what I was mostly after. The power seems to finally be available as soon as you push the pedal. Overall, I am extremely impressed with the fit, finish, quality and ease of installation. And for the price, it's hard to beat.
  4. My S&B intake comes in tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have some time to install it later in the evening. I'll have to keep my eye out for the vibrating pedal. Did you guys install the optional box plug or leave it open for more airflow? Just wondering if anyone has experimented with the box open vs closed. Is the extra airflow noticeable in sound and throttle response etc. Thanks. Can't wait to get it installed!
  5. I've got the 2 inch under strut Readylift spacer on my Elevation. No problems with it so far. I don't do any off roading so I'm not too concerned about it. I'll change it out as soon as more height adjustable shocks options come to market, but for now its fine for what I use my truck for.
  6. My previous 2015 All Terrain had a bad 1-2 shift every now and then. I now have a 19 Elevation with a 06/19 build date and the 8 speed has been extremely smooth. I test drove a baby Duramax 10 speed Denali before buying the 19 Elevation and really didn't notice much a difference in the shifts....however, the low end torque and pull from a red light on the 3.0 is a different animal altogether!
  7. I'm in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  8. It's probably only going to get worse. You also don't want the water to accumulate, damage the headliner and potentially have mold build up. I would get it checked out and if the dealership is willing to change out the glass completely then might as well get it done. From what others are reporting, the full glass replacement seems to be the only real solution. I had my glass replacement done a few days ago. We've had some really bad storms up here in Edmonton lately and *knock on wood* its been bone dry. Good luck, hope you get it sorted!
  9. Picked up some gloss meteor gray carbon fiber wrap and did the interior door trim. Bought it off of Amazon for roughly $15 for a 5 foot by 1 foot roll. The Vvivd air release tech is really easy to work with. Really easy to get any of the air bubbles out. Matches much better than the wood look!
  10. Yup. My glass was replaced 2 days ago and the updated glass numbers seem to all match.
  11. You fellas have room for one more in the window leak club? Before purchasing my 19 Elevation, I did my homework and read all about the leaks and 8 speed transmission problems. Thought I picked out a gem, transmission has been baby smooth and no signs of any leakage until I hit 1500km's. After 1 month of ownership and a couple heavy days of rain, I saw water running down the drivers side rear corner window. Long story short, the truck was in the shop on May 26. I was told the window was on backorder, but there was 1 window available at a different dealership that they would try to get for me, otherwise it was unknown how long sourcing a window would take. Took the truck home and was told to hang tight for a phone call. Took the truck home, had multiple conversations with GM customer service. I was then notified by the dealer that they were able to pry the window away from another dealer and was booked on June 9 for the install. The window was installed by a 3rd party glass company. Meanwhile, as I was waiting for the window, it rained 6 out of the 14 days that I had my truck out of the shop. Luckily, the headliner didn't see any water damage and I kept a towel along the backseat to soak up any of the leakage. As well, no odor or rust on the seat bolts. As well, I was told they also had to source a windshield and keep one handy just in case they break the stock one as they might have to remove the headliner and as we all know, it can only be removed by taking the windshield out. However, since there was no damage to the headliner, they would assess to see if there was any damage once they open her up. The truck was kept overnight on June 9th and I was called early in the morning June 10th to let me know that the truck was done. Before picking up the truck I asked them to do a leak test with a hose. It passed the test. I have to say, I am beyond surprised at the quality job they did. It looked exactly like it did when I dropped it off. No scratches anywhere, no sealant exposed anywhere. Leather seats unharmed. On the way home, I took her through a high pressure touch less car wash. Not a drop...fingers crossed this is permanent. 2019 Elevation, build date June, 2019. 3 piece window with slider. Original glass, FUYAO 43R0115130 E2 After glass, FUYAO 43R000072 E4 Headliner did not need to be removed. No damage to headliner, looks perfect. If anyone is in central Alberta and is in need of a replacement, message me and I'll give you the dealership name and contacts.
  12. I was close to ordering the stock smaller mud flaps but the larger splash gaurds have grown on me. I can see how they flow with truck and obviously, you can't beat the OEM fit. I had to remove the stock fender brackets and used zip ties to tie them back to avoid the rubbing. If you need to do some mods to fit your wheels, the plastic was really easy to heat up and work with. They are probably the perfect width for my +1 offset wheels. I don't have the running boards and so far, they have done a great job of protecting the side of the truck from rock chips.
  13. I've got a 19 Elevation so some of the stock halogen bulbs were starting to bug me. I started with the license plate lights a week ago. Today, I changed out the front signal lights with amber LEDs, the rear signal/stop lights with red LEDs and the backup/reverse lights with white LEDs. All bulbs had built in Canbus, are error free and threw no codes. I bought them off of Amazon; ordered them Saturday night and they arrived at 7:40am Monday! There were so many options to choose from so if anyone's interested, I have attached a pic of the bulbs I purchased. The reverse bulbs came in a little plastic wrapper. While the signal bulbs came in the boxes pictured. Literally took me under 10 minutes to switch all the bulbs over. Man, what a difference!
  14. North Shore bike rack. I only have 4 in my family but they do make a 6 bike version. I like that it keeps the bed free for cargo like camping supplies, suitcases etc. and that it keeps the bikes close to the truck. It's super easy to get the bikes off and on, keeps the bikes tight and secure and they don't bang into each other causing damage.
  15. Headlights and fog lights are stock. Must be the picture that makes them look darker. However, I had a light smoke film on my 2015 Sierra's headlights and it took quite a bit of light away. I installed Rigid Industries driving fog lights and had to have them on all the time to have decent night time visibility.
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