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  1. Did you stick with the stocks that came with the lift or upgrade to the hydro or Fox Adventure Series?
  2. Damn, nice! When are you gonna swap out lifts?? Thanks for the insight. I ran the math a few times but just wanted a sanity check.
  3. Stock backspacing should be roughly 6" (6.06" for the sticklers). Zone states that 5.75" of backspace as the limit for running 35x12.50 on a 20" rim. So looks like a 1" spacer all around should do the trick?
  4. Got into a new 2017 1500 All-Terrain earlier last year and just getting around to a lift. There are two shops close by that claim it would be near impossible to run a Zone 6.5 or anything similar with my stock 20x9s and 34/35 inch treads. Is this just a lazy approach by the shop I don't remember having such an issue with my 2014 that had 18" stockers, besides running spacers. Am I just barking up the wrong tree as far as the shops or am I missing something?
  5. Looks great! Just picked mine up today too with 2" front and awaiting tread decision. Glad I still had about an inch or so of rake left.
  6. Went with 2" RC. Ride loss VERY minimal. Waiting on treads until we know for sure if we are moving to Hawaii or not. More than happy with the stance. I wanted some rake left up front for any light towing/hauling.
  7. Did you supply the parts/kit? If so, what did you install??
  8. Sharp looking rig! What are you running up front? And may just be the angle, but anything in the rear?
  9. Are you running rear blocks or stock blocks? Looks sharp!!
  10. How big of a pain was this to do with the adjustable pedals??
  11. And are you running a 2" rear block? Truck looks extremely slick!
  12. I'm in Tampa. Sounds like a Mad Max price quote? They're a bit pricey. I'd search around some. Tough because there aren't many options here.
  13. How much maintenance is needed with the airbags? Any necessary bleeds for moisture or residue? I see they have a "Ride Control" kit and the load lifter kit for both under 300$. Which kit did you go with?

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