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  1. 500 mile oil change on new 6.2L?

    You are most likely right but it makes me feel better to know the oil and filter are fresh and clean.
  2. 500 mile oil change on new 6.2L?

    I had saved the oil filter from my first oil change a few weeks back. I carefully took it apart today, slid the filter element out of the outer housing, and then drained the residual oil out into a clean container. This confirmed for me why I like to do an early initial oil change. There were many small metal particles visible in that residual oil with some thin slivers of metal up to 1/8" long.
  3. 500 mile oil change on new 6.2L?

    Don't know if it's recommended or not but I changed the oil in my new 2015 CC SLT 4x4 with 6.2 engine at 600 miles just for the peace of mind.
  4. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I think he was just providing his honest experience based on a good number of test drives.
  5. Rusting Frame

    I purchased a certified 2014 Sierra CCSB about 2 months ago and discovered flaking-off frame coating with extensive frame rust the next day. My dealer worked with me and helped me fully understand what a repair per the tsb would look like and also gave me an option to get into a new truck. I am now in a new 2015 truck that has a much thicker and more durable looking frame coating.
  6. 2015 Sierra 4x4 SLT Regular Bed 6.2 - no vibration after 900 miles.

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