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  1. Don't know what's more expensive the truck or all the extras we all install
  2. 2020 AT4 I run premium and when I can get it I run straight premium gas and average 16 in town 21 on hwy I thank it will get better when it gets broke in very happy with myAT4 I did change the tires out in the deal bought Pirelli A/T Plus been real happy with them
  3. I have the Technology package it has the place to plug them up but I was told that the cameras we're extra that you need
  4. When and what weight should you use tow haul mode in.6.2 10 speed at4
  5. Be careful on the front camera because it's part of the adaptive cruise control puts your brakes on without touching the pedal
  6. If it's daylight out your back up lights will not work until it senses dark
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