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  1. I have about 15000 on mine and the seats are a little firmer but I use my tilt on the front so it doesn't cut into my legs. Longest trip so far has been 800 miles stopping once for gas but they're nothing like my 2016 this one is 2020 AT4
  2. What about wrapping them like you do your emblems
  3. I'm running the Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus liking them a lot
  4. What type or brand of bumper is that looks awesome can't even see the winch. Like it good looking ride
  5. Did you mean the truck security. How can I fix it and stop it from blinking
  6. My tail lights on my trailer blinks when hooked to my AT4 anybody else have that problem. All my lights are LEDs truck and trailer with the truck turned off
  7. Can you mount it behind the grill just thought lots of room there
  8. This mileage was a road trip from Arkansas to North Carolina
  9. Just a follow-up at 4000 miles I had the cai installed on my AT4 6.2 I let the dealership do it so if there was a problem it would be on them.That be said my truck doesn't feel like it's stopped up it breathes and runs better and seems to be not as load. My gas mileage on the hwy went up getting 20 to 21 mpg at 75 t o 78 mh city about 16 average yes I'd do it again very happy with it. Get my best mileage with shell or none ethanol gas
  10. The space for a DEF tank could you put a def tank and transfer pump or a free flow some how and make it work
  11. Did you have it tuned to the new intake by your dealership and I run mine on the 400 mile best. Change oil I leave mine on B setting till next oil change and that gives me a good reading I'm getting about 17 all around trailer city highway
  12. Performance package and premium fuel I get about 16 city and 20 hwy but it took few miles to start getting that. Towing a trailer is about 12 mpg but I love my AT4 GMC 6.2
  13. When I bought my AT4 it had the performance exhust seemed like it couldn't breath or something wrong I had Magaflow on my 2019 it did great so I went to the dealership and drove one with the cai and performance exhust couldn't believe the difference it made . At 4000 I Had it put on mine and it's breathes and runs and idles so much better. I had them do it all they reprogrammed it set everything up to specs loving it now let you know later if it help anything else
  14. Welcome nice ride. I'm interested in the cai how much it helps and if you like it thx
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