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  1. Additional cornering lights?

    I have no tint and have the same problem. Been dealing with it for 3 years. I have Morimoto HID headlights from TRS, but that doesn't help much. The fogs help some. But I, too, would like more light; particularly right turns. The entrance to my neighborhood is slightly higher than 90deg and I'm just hoping for the best when I turn in at night. Just poking around the Internet it seems several other folks of different makes/models have gone the route of the Ford relay. Chevy supposedly has a relay used in older model Tahoes, too, but I haven't found that p/n.
  2. Cubby Hole Above Light Switch

    Aftermarket backup sensors and light bar controller. I replaced the original with one that didn't have the cubby and custom cut it to fit the switches.
  3. I have the same situation with my '14. I've been running HIDs since late '15 and have only had problems with relays.
  4. For what it's worth, my 1984 F-150 is the same way.
  5. I just heard this same noise on my '14 this week when it finally got below freezing going over large, sweeping bumps. I'm still within my warranty (bought the truck new in '15 and it only now has 32k miles) and am about due for an oil change. I'll do this this week while it's still cold in SC.
  6. I had to replace 1 relay at about 20 months on my TRS kit. The one I didn't replace is intermittent now. I went ahead and bought a Hella relay to have on-hand when it does fail.
  7. I have a 3-way switch on mine. In all cases, the accessory power must be on. When the rocker is in the up position, the light bar is on. When it's in the middle position, off. The bottom position is tied to the high beams. I tapped the high beam wire by the radiator to trigger 1 relay. The top position of the switch triggers a second relay.
  8. TRS already replaced the passenger side. This is the driver's side now. I don't expect them to keep replacing relays every 2 years, but maybe the first pair was just a bad batch. They seem great about standing behind their product, though. I'm fairly certain it's not a moisture issue. My relays are mounted at the spare battery tray location. I'm thinking it may be more heat-related. I have noticed the entire engine bay gets warmer than most vehicles I've owned.
  9. I have a '14 Sierra with the TRS Morimoto HID kit. I'm starting to have relay failures. Any ideas how to prevent these failures or a better relay than the TRS supplied units? Thanks in advance.
  10. A/C Condenser

    I wonder if I can speed up my condenser's failure to get my '14 covered under warranty? I bought mine new off the lot in '15, so I have some time and miles left
  11. Auxiliary Switch

    http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/203257-under-dash-switch/?p=2011101 Try this.
  12. Under dash switch

    Did the light bar behind the grill. That switch is a 3-way. I can turn the light on/off/ or with high beams.
  13. Under dash switch

    I used to have a small toggle switch on the driver's kick panel but moved it to a more professional looking location above the light switch.
  14. Intermittent dash rattle

    I took mine to the dealer and he blamed it on my key fob hitting the column. I was in my dash working on my light bar and decided to take a look. Sure enough, 3 of the 4 screws had either backed all the way out or were loose. Simple fixes like this I don't mind doing myself. I shouldn't have had to, but I did it anyway. Good luck tracing it down. I have the jump seat, so I won't be of much help with the console.

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