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  1. Ok, so you would still have the cables visible around the edge of the pillar and going down into the side panel, the same as if you used their suction cup mount? I was hoping they may go down the vent hole and work their way around somehow for a cleaner look. Thanks for the response!
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  3. @CNY_AT4 - curious how the wires for a Banks iDash would route from this mount..do you have any pictures of your single pod you could post that would show the front and back? Thanks!
  4. I did the same Readylift kit you have but with Bilstein 5100’s, which seem a little stiff and jar the truck on anything more than smooth pavement. What Fox shocks did you do and how’s the ride?
  5. Had AMP steps on my 2015 Denali 1500 and no problems with them for 5 years. One of the first things I immediately did on the 2500 was ripping off the park benches and going AMP again.
  6. Fabtech 6" lift kit, Nitto Terra Grappler G2 35x12.5 tires and Fuel Rampage 20x10 wheels
  7. For other Sierra Denali 1500 owners with stock Magneride that may have lifted their trucks (6" lifts makes this question realistic) . . . have you tried replacing the Magneride shocks with a setup that is more appropriate to smoothing out the ride with the lift and larger tires/heavier wheels (i.e. 35x12.5x20)? To avoid some unhelpful responses I know are bound to happen from the short-sighted, but well intentioned, members who will immediately ask the dumb question . . . let me preface this with: I agree the Magneride suspension is great for a stock truck and might be what some people buy the Denali trim level for, it just isn't made to handle a 6" lift. There are aftermarket shocks out there (Bilstein, ProComp, Fox, etc) which are designed for lifted trucks and hopefully should do a better job with the overall ride quality. My concern is what will happen once the magnetic ride sensors are unplugged and after-market shocks installed. Neither my closest GMC dealer can answer this question (and they didn't seem too interested in trying to figure it out), nor local after-market parts stores (i.e 4WheelParts, etc). So puzzle if you will over the choice, just checking to see if anyone else has made this leap yet? Thanks
  8. One of the best, simple upgrades you can make
  9. For MRT..... have you had any experience with pulling the stock Magneride suspension out of a recent Sierra Denali and replacing with an after market shock better suited to a 6" lift with 35x12.5x20 tires? No one local has done this yet and there are unanswered questions as to what will happen once the magnetic shock sensors are unhooked . . . i.e error lights on dash, etc. Thanks, M
  10. 6" Fabtech lift with Fuel 20x10's on 35x12.5 Nitto Terra Grappler G2's
  11. Of the Bilstein owners that have replied here . . . has anyone put the standard 5100 series (not the height adjustable 5100's) on their truck that already had a 4" or 6" lift? They state these are for lifted trucks and wondering how much better they might ride than making the stock magnetic ride deal with the 35" tires/6" lift.
  12. If you're just doing a 1.5" lift then the XL steps might be overkill since they go down 3" further than the regular AMPs - and about $600 more. I have a 6" lift on my truck and with the 35" tires, it went up almost 8" higher than it was. Put the regular power steps on and i am very happy with them . . perfect height and they are lower than the stock GM park benches. Also kept having an issue with accepting the $100 per 1/2" price difference. If you had a 8" or 10" lift then I see where the XLs could be worth it.
  13. I went through this about a month ago and was initially thinking the Fabtech 4" lift but found out the wheels I really wanted were too big, so went to a 6" kit. For the 4" kit you are going to need 33" tires and wheels - if you are thinking 20's - need to be 20x9....the Fuels I chose were 20x10 with a -19 offset and trying to squeeze them in with a 4" kit would have either required a lot of trimming or just wouldn't fit at all. The Fabtech kit will relocate the Magneride sensors. The ride afterwards wasn't bad but the shop that did mine is going to tweak them a little more next week as there is still a little bit more bounce in the ride thsn I like, almost like the Magneride system thinks it's compressed some. Hope this helps.
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