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  1. Speak with Russ at RPM Motorsports. He can help you get the harness(es) squared away. Aldo, cool project! You may need to beef up the frame. Even the de-rated Duramax you’ll pull out of the van has enough torque to pretzel the stock frame of the ol’ burb.
  2. I’m confused as to why they planted it in a 1500 chassis for the unveiling. Add to the fact they couldn’t find 4 matching tires haha. I wonder if they beefed the steering components as well?
  3. I just wish the damn things weren’t so pricy. Looks awesome.
  4. It was a great watch. It seems GM is stepping it up in the cooling factory (finally). The 17-19 L5P’s cooling is much better than years prior and it looks like 2020 is bringing even more improvements.
  5. With 99.9% certainty, I will say your experience with the Duramax would be infinitely better than with the 6.0 Powerstroke blunder. However, hopefully they can get you into a gasser Denali if that’s what you are set on.
  6. I can’t quite get on board with the mirrors either. I understand the attempt to increase visibility, but the damn things look like a complete after thought.
  7. I think they look great. Aside from those ugly ass mirrors.
  8. 3m. Bought like a 12”x 60” roll of the color you want. I never did snap any pics. It was in my 15.
  9. I wrapped mine in vinyl. Looks great and pretty cheap.
  10. Congrats on the purchase. As mentioned above, don’t do the spacers to level the front end. If looking for a higher stance, search for a quality lift and go as low as you can to get the stance you want. Granted, a leveling kit would be cheaper, but the ride quality of GOOD lift kits can exceed the stock ride depending upon the setup. I am speaking from my experience with GM’s HD pickups. 2 two trucks I’ve had I put 4” lift kits on, one cognito and the other was a tuff country. Both had the torsion key bolt removed so they were essentially a glorified leveling kit, but the front end geometry was perfect, albeit a SLIGHT negative angle on the CV axles. Both trucks rode great. Others I’ve owned have been cranked slightly, but still in the “green” zone geometry wise. I know the HDs are totally different beasts and in a long winded post I am basically saying, get a lift. On on the seat covers, I really do like my cover king seat cover in the back of my 18. Had cover king covers in my 04 too and were great as well. Fit well and looked awesome.
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