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  1. As for the mpg, I have 5000 on mine and am averaging 23.1. As for traction, it has plenty of power to spin the rear easily. Much more so than the 16 silverado I had with the 4.3.
  2. I am over 4000 miles and am averaging 23.1 mpg
  3. It is easy to hide the antenna wire. I tucked it under the windshield trim, ran it in between the door and fender. Then slipped it in between a seam on the dash. I have the Siriusxm onx radio. It works fine by using the fm radio station. But I wanted to use Bluetooth. I bought their docking system. But I am not able to pair the system over Bluetooth. Anybody have any ideas? I also noticed I can not get android auto to show up on my display.
  4. Just checked this am. The rear one is hot all the time also. The rear usb are not though.
  5. Can anyone tell if the 12 volt power ports in the 2019 GMC SLE are hot all the time. I know the front one is, not sure of the back one.
  6. it does have a terrain mode, which supposed to be similar to 4wd low
  7. For those of you that like Sirius xm radio, what have you done to get it in your 2019 sierra or Silverado that didn't come with the factory option? pics please.
  8. 38 months ago I leased my first truck. Total payments of 14052 on a 42000 truck. Not figuring in tax and financing fees on the 42000.00 truck. Last month I leased my second truck. At the end of 3 years I will have 12837 paid on this vehicle. In 3 years I will lease another truck and will have 15111.00 to do it with. So in nine years I will have spent about 40000.00. Had I bought the first truck I would have spent at least 46000 plus upkeep on said truck. And said truck would be rusting out from the salt here in the northeast. So I am happy to lease a truck and know what I will be paying in advance.
  9. That is what I was thinking. It is totally different than the old sensor.
  10. Have a question regarding the 2019 GMC sierra. In the center of the dash board, in front of the catchall is a square domed area (between the catchall and the windshield). It is about 1.5" square. What is it?
  11. MDSilveradoGuy is it safe to assume if it wasn't for the wiring problem, you would have been satisfied with the Silverado with the 2.7l turbo?
  12. I have the 1.5 liter turbo charged 4 cylinder in my equinox with auto-stop. When the ac is running it will not auto-stop at a stop light. Just got back from a trip where there was no interstate driving and was able to get 36.1 mpg. Very impressed with the engine. Can't wait till the new trucks come out.
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