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  1. Well, the culprit ended up being the USB cable connecting the phone to the truck. Swapped out cables and everything is right again. -TheImpalaMan
  2. Anything you hate about your truck?

    I would have to say the soft ride shocks, but I do get why they put those on there. For the comfy road trip ride. Let’s face it, unless you bought the WT or long bed 2500 series, the 1500s are family vehicles that can make the occasional Home Depot run. My old truck, which I do miss, was an 84 C10 Silverado. That had every option for a 2wd truck. Power windows, power door locks, cruise control, AC, AM/FM stereo (with 4 speakers), etc. My current ride (2014 LTZ) has WAY more it than my 84 did. I swapped out the stock shocks/struts for some Bilstein B6s and LOVE how it rides like a truck. Put a better muffler on it and got rid of the tail pipe (cut off just over the axle) for that truck growl. But I’m amazed at how quiet this thing is when driving. I don’t like that it doesn’t have rear AC controls, but oh well, it’s got dual zone and it blows ice cold so not really complaining. OH! The floor mat tie downs...why did they have to make the floor mats attach to the carpet? Should have the tie snap go to the floor metal. That carpet hold ripped within a year. Had to sew it up with fishing line. Still working, but worn. Anyway, other than the factory TSBs that I’ve had to deal with (only 3), the only other thing I can gripe about is that I wish you could get online software/firmware updates instead of having to go to the dealership for them. That’s All Folks! -TheImpalaMan
  3. WTB GM performance Intake

    Are you looking for the GM Cold Air Intake specifically or just about anything? I've got a Banks Cold Air Intake that hasn't been on the truck for a year. I enjoyed the performance upgrade, but like the quieter ride with the stock intake better. I'm asking $200+shipping for it. Here is the link to give you more details... https://www.summitracing.com/parts/gbe-41855-d/overview/year/2014/make/chevrolet/model/silverado-1500 -TheImpalaMan
  4. My infotainment system does not have the CarPlay app. -TheImpalaMan
  5. Wow, my truck is a 2014 and, unfortunately, didn't come with CarPlay. What is funny, is that it has the Weather App, which the system said I needed Sirius Satellite radio. So I got it and then they (Sirius) told me that the Weather app isn't on my truck. I had to email them a photo for them to believe me. They told me that my truck wasn't supposed to come with it (checked my VIN). The dealership didn't say anything had been altered or anything like that and they have been doing the updates when I bring it in. I bought my truck back in March of 2016. -TheImpalaMan
  6. I had the same issue...condenser issue. After researching all of the "design flaws" that were possible, and adding some dye to the system, I found the culprit on the top drivers side of the condenser. The fun part was finding a worthy condenser. I went to a couple of parts houses and opened every condenser they had in-stock for my truck. I went through 8 of them before finding one that was straight! 7 aftermarket condensers came out of the box warped and one AC Delco Professional condenser that had a bent pipe. The second AC Delco Professional condenser I got (had to order it) came out of the box perfect. Now I've been working on cars for 30 years...and I have to say that my truck has the first AC system I've seen without a Dryer can. The Dryer is actually part of the condenser. I don't know how many have noticed, but the AC compressors on these trucks aren't large at all. I replaced the compressor since I already had the system apart. Replaced it with an "Improved Design" AC Delco Professional compressor. So, while the entire system was apart, I flushed out the plumbing and evaporator core and ran compressed air through everything until it was all bone dry. The one thing about this system...it is VERY particular about the measurement of the oil/refrigerant. The new compressor came with 1.4oz (or 1.6oz) of oil, but according to the setup, it requires 2. So I got a measuring glass and got exactly 2oz oil in the compressor, 2oz oil in the condenser and 2oz oil in the evaporator core. I sat the condenser sideways for the oil to get down to the dryer (about 20 minutes), reassembled the system and pulled vacuum. I must say, I really like the design of being able to remove the condenser without having to drop the radiator. I thought the engineers deserved a "hi-five" for that one, hehehe. Anyway, after drawing a vacuum and eliminating the humidity in the system, shut down the vacuum and verified that the system held a -28 to -30psi for a good hour. Installed the right amount of refrigerant and its been blowing ice cold ever since. I got the AC Delco parts from XL Parts. -TheImpalaMan
  7. Software/App updates

    If your truck has onboard navigation without going through OnStar, you can order a map update online. They send you a USB thumb drive that will update the maps. Here is the link of the site I got my map update from: https://gmnavdisc.navigation.com/en_US/GMNA/USD -TheImpalaMan
  8. Get the new battery checked, its possible the battery has a dead cell in it. If thats the case, it could be giving you all kinds of voltage irregularities. I'm sure you've checked already, but double check the terminal connections. -TheImpalaMan
  9. I don't know where to begin...I haven't had any OS updates for my iPhone X in over a month, the last software/firmware updates for the truck were done last Fall, so last week...the phone is hooked up via USB & Blutooth. This is normally how I have been hooking up the phone to my truck since I bought my truck over 3 years ago. If I disconnect the USB and run the phone straight Blutooth, music will play through the trucks stereo system. As soon as I hook up the USB cable, the infotainment system will display what song is being played and all related information...but you will only hear the music playing from the ear speaker of the phone. If you unplug the USB cable again, the infotainment system will want you to select the Blutooth media and the song will pick up where it left off when the USB cable was plugged in. Things I've tried... Resetting the phone and the Infotainment system for a fresh sync. Tried a different USB cable and all USB ports in the truck. Checked every setting on the truck and on the iPhone. Anyone got a clue what to do? -TheImpalaMan
  10. I've got the same kit on my 2014 Silverado LTZ 5.3L. It definitely sounds more "throaty" when you accelerate hard. It also helped clean up the engine bay a bit as well and allows you access to the belt area. As far as performance, I definitely feel a stronger pull from a dead stop and when you have to accelerate hard on the freeway. Was well worth the investment in my book. Hope this helps! -TheImpalaMan
  11. New OPT7 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

    I've been using these OPT7 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs I'm still using the factory weather covers, have not had any heat issues or any other issues for that matter. They are a snug fit, but once you get them sealed up, they are good to go. No holes drilled, no aftermarket weather caps needed. -TheImpalaMan
  12. New OPT7 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

    This kit came with them already, wasn't anything additional to order. -TheImpalaMan
  13. New OPT7 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

    I just installed these headlights and really like the output. However, I think I will have to remove the headlight pods in order to get the dust caps back on. I don't want to accidentally break anything by adding to much "pressure". I also installed the bulbs for the fog lamps, just to match the color/output for the headlights and really like the outcome. I'm thinking of going ahead and ordering the high beam bulbs just so that they all match the color output.
  14. Chrome Door Handles

    I got blank (unpainted) door handles on eBay. There are several Chevrolet dealerships that have eBay stores. When they came in, I took them to a body shop and had them color matched to my truck before I installed them. -TheImpalaMan
  15. Chrome Door Handles

    I'm selling my complete set of 4 Chrome door handles. I swapped mine out for color matched handles. PM me if you are interested. They are off my 2014 Silverado 1500. -TheImpalaMan

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