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  1. Finished installing the GM Baja Squadron Light Kit. I'm pretty close to being done with modifying this truck.
  2. Nice truck, why is only one hook red? Work in- progress?
  3. Yeah, I've never known any warranty that covers the original tires
  4. Wish we got some snow, my truck has not had the chance to experience it.
  5. Here is his website: https://harnessdr.com/
  6. Funny that you mention clear coat. My truck was literally taken out of storage this week and right before getting hit, local home improvement store employees scratched my tailgate a day prior to my in-law hitting my truck. The truck is in the body shop right now with two different claims. Needless to say, it is having a rough week. Here is what they did to the tailgate.
  7. Well, that is my sister-in-law and brother. She was the driver. They were both in the vehicle when they hit my truck.
  8. My truck suffered an awesome dent. ☹ Clip_(March_6_2021_at_357_PM)(1).mp4
  9. Do you happen to know the part # for this kit that allows you to use your stock mirrors?
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