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  1. Looks good! But go get some longer bolts for your spacer. That looks like the nuts can easily come loose. Not enough thread.
  2. I'm running 305 65 18 Cooper AT3 XLT 33.65 x 12.2. I could have definately fit 34" on this, but didn't want to sacrifice power or travel. I think it's perfect. Feels and sits amazing!
  3. The colorado wheel is a 17. This is an 18 made for the 2019 silverado. It is sold through GM accessories. It's basically the exact same wheel, but fit for the Silverado. A bit pricey, But looks bad ass!
  4. Just Picked up my TrailBoss. Fricken love it!!!!!!!! I immediately put the GM 18" ZR2 wheels on Cooper AT3 XLT 305 65 18. It measures 33.56 x 12.2. Sits and rides so perfect. Could easily put 34" tires, but I liked these. Traded in my 2014 4wd w/Icon shock & A Arm. Loved my 14, but the trailboss has exceeded my expectations!
  5. Love these tires! Just replaced geolander 285 70 17 with AT3 295 70 17. Look better and ride much better. Never knew how much a tire can make so much difference in ride quality. ICON coilover with Icon upper arms. No Rub.
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