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  1. Ok everyone here is the update. It has been a while since I have posted here about my issue. The dealership got a new fuse block in, they replaced it and still the issue occurred. They then blamed my HVAC Module, put a new on of those in. Still no dice. Just this last week they noticed my headlights going dim then bright just like my instrument cluster. They told me they believe it to be my Alternator. Which I had told them on January 25th I tested the alternator and gave them my results. I was not very happy. If you look back to page 2 you see my alternator test results, IN JANUARY!!!! Well the new alternator is installed now. It only took them 3 months to diagnose what I had already done months ago. I have not seen any symptoms since getting the truck back Friday. Lets hope that was it and the problem does not return. I would like to share my experience of this as well in hopes someone from GM reads my post. The dealership did everything right, except not listening about the alternator. I understand they are not allowed to fix something unless proven broke by error codes or GM tells them to. GM on the other hand was absolutely awful. I worked with 4 different advisors and was told they'd call me back on several different occasions and they missed the ball every time. They would call several days late with less details than I had. My shop was on top of it calling me and letting me know the progress every step of the way. Multiple times I had to tell the GM advisor what the shop was doing because they had no idea. I left about 7 voicemails throughout this adventure and my advisor responded to 1. GM, if you are reading this, please work on your customer service.
  2. I have found the 110V plug to be pretty useless. I charger my drill battery with it once and a laptop once. But it cuts off for my Air Pump. I wish you could easily upgrade the inverter to a 400w. Competitor trucks have 400w inverters.
  3. Another update. I have a 4th GM advisor working on my case now. Meaning another new person, not by my choice either. Every time GM calls me they tell me they will call back on a certain day, which they never do. I leave them voicemails that they never return. Awful customer experience, worst I have seen ever. Even worse than Comcast!!!! Anyways, the shop has had my truck for quite some time now. 5th time in. 2 updates, 1 blame on the camera, a screen replacement, then a radio replacement. Now they are saying they found moisture in the fuse box under the hood and there is corrosion on some terminals. So they are now going to replace the whole fuse box component. We will see if this resolves my issues. Will report back when I am certain it is fixed or not.
  4. What steps are those? I have been looking for something just like them.
  5. Before After My truck did not come with rear wheel well liners It had the white bed showing through. I bought these plastic ones here and they snapped right in. Just what I needed. https://www.realtruck.com/pendaform-rear-wheel-well-liners/R183846P2017Y856MA.html
  6. I have done a lot of reading and research on this, let me save you some time and just link you to what you ned to buy. For the 7in IOB screens https://www.infotainment.com/products/factory-gm-tailgate-backup-camera-kit-for-option-code-iob For the 4in and 8in IO4 IO5 IO6 screens https://www.infotainment.com/products/14-17-gm-truck-tailgate-handle-backup-camera-kit So much cheaper if you have the newer radio installed, just need the camera and programmer. For the older ones you get a new Radio Module to install and a camera handle, then return your Radio Module to infotainment. Everything should plug and play for the most part and is an easy install. If you call a local GM shop and ask for a camera upgrade they will want over $1k for their tow camera setup, just do this if you want that stock camera and turning lines.
  7. I have dealt with electrical issues for the past 3 months with GM. Truck is in for the 5th time now for them. Not necessarily related because mine is Radio and Instrument cluster, but I have gotten a Service Stabiltrek warning before because of it. My dads brand new Canyon was in the other week for electrical issues as well. Take it into the shop and let them troubleshoot it. Not all their trucks do this, you just got unlucky. I would not imagine the front level is causing this as every other person on this forum has a leveling kit without issues.
  8. https://imgur.com/EGwRnjF https://imgur.com/M6IqKMP https://imgur.com/zySzMAA
  9. Stock 2017 5.3 I was getting 18-22mpg mixed highway and city. My commute to work is 1.5 miles and 6 stop lights. Front level and removed airdam. Dropped to 16-20. Winter came and I got 14-18. Then I got 2in larger bfg KO2’s and ditched the stock highway tires. Now I average 10mpg to work and highway I get 16mpg. It’s still winter and cold for Oregon. So I’m hoping it goes up. i also started having electrical issues which We think are fixed now as of 3 days ago. We will see if it starts going up again. One time I took it into the shop just before I bought the KO2’s, they did a firmware update to the truck to try and fix my electrical problems. That was when I noticed the huge big drop in MPG to 10 for my work commute. The truck came out of the shop that day sluggish and searching for gears. They just have wiped clear what the computer learned. I just started driving in tow haul mode and the shifting is perfect and mileage going up slowly. I have no idea if this means anything at all! But I am getting closer and closer now to ordering a black bear tune so I can get rid of GMs shitty programming.
  10. I will. The rack a front runner slim line ii. Lets just say my tax return went away real quick this year. I love the combo and will get some good shots of it all in action once I take it out. Currently snowing here in Oregon.
  11. Your steps. Rock sliders. Nerf Bars. They look like they’d offer good rock protection and go wheel to wheel. That’s what I’ve been looking for mine.
  12. This gave a me a good chuckle. I have many women in my life. Fiancé, daughter, dog, cat. Why not the truck too?
  13. Update. So the shop told me the high voltage spikes are normal. I took it into the shop and my tech I was working with was out on vacation so I got someone else. 2 days later I get a phone call telling me to come pick my truck up, they found the issue and parts were on their way. The tech told me there were two modules having issues. I asked how he came to this conclusion and he said they pulled the whole dash apart and tested everything and found the modules shorting out. I picked the truck up and they said they expected the parts Tuesday. Well it is Wednesday now and I decided to call them because no one ever called me. I got my old tech back and he was all disorganized. Well he tells me its 1 part and its just a replacement radio. Then tells me Saturday to bring it in and its going to be an hour to an hour and a half to switch everything out. Extremely annoyed still but am hoping this fixes my problems and I can wash my hands of the situation. GM Customer service has been absolute trash this whole time too. It has been months now dealing with this problem and I have had 3 different GM reps and talked to them a total of 3 times. I left tons of voicemails during this time. Hoping my next post will be saying it is fixed and this thread can die.
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