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  1. Due to the various garages I park in and the minor scraping and dragging on cross beams,, I cut mine down 2.5in, touched-up paint on tip and installed thin rubber cover to protect... I had scraping before 2in level in some garages.. Works great and no change in radio reception.. Cheers---K
  2. I purchased my 2016 RCSB in 2017 as leftover with (2) miles on odometer from local dealer.. Was just looking around as my old 96 Tahoe had 248K on it and did not want to put money in new trans, engine work, etc.. Got Great deal since no one wanted RCSB's in my area, also friend is Service Mgr at same shop and helped save be big bucks. Key factor,, it was just sitting in their warehouse just waiting for me.. Leftovers can save you dollars, just be patient and shop around.. Cheers---K
  3. 2016 1500 sierra TPMS

    When I replaced the crap 275/55/20 SRA's on my 2016 RCSB, when valve stems were removed prior to tire change, all 4 TPMS units notified me via On Star @ 20Psi (there was a low pressure issue). Installed BFG K02's 285/55/20 using same TPMS units with no issue and now run 48Psi with Nitrogen... I believe the 20Psi Plus or Minus 2Psi is the detection range for low pressure warning. Also,, had rental care in Florida / G50 with tire issue and it send notifications starting at 21Psi.. Hope this helps... Cheers---K
  4. My 2016 RCSB has 11K on it now with no issues on G80 for hard left / right turns.. Time to visit dealership for warranty work / G80 replacement. Problems of this nature can result in rear wheel bearing and brake issues unless fixed soon.. Cheers---K
  5. My 2016 had factory synthetic blend, but changed to full Mobil-1 at 500 miles... Dealership has been full synthetic for 1 year now... Have always changed oil at 500 on new "Factory" engines and replaced stock pan plug with magnetic.. My big and small block race motors were changed at 2 hours of run time on dyno and 500 street time.. New engines are tough, but It cant hurt... Cheers---K
  6. Good statement.... Body shop found lose connectors to sensors, when testing system,, air bags deployed at shop. I did receive notice via OnStar after issue, called shop and they stated "how did you know".. I love technology...
  7. It's unfortunate that we put our trust into dealerships that only care about moving trucks through their shop at a Big profit.. Moving from NorCal and finding quality dealership really helped to regain my trust after damage done to my Tahoe at former shop.. Now with newer 2016 wheels, I still do walk-through at drop-off and pick-up time with service guy.. So,, last November, met up with 200+ buck that ultimately produced $12K in damage.. Dealership body shop was Great as well as Insurance company.. It was weird that air bags did not deploy, but seat belts locked up... Cheers---K
  8. What do you use your Silverado for?

    I use my 2016 RCSB for "Cheap Camping", fishing, basic 25 mile commute and weekend do-it-all... Currently have 10,800 and change on odometer.. It works for me...
  9. 2018 Silverado 1500 Front Bumper Face

    I would take bumper off and have it painted and cleared by good body shop... Make a few calls for pricing, but get heavy clear coat to help protect from rock chips.. My 2016 RCSB connected with 200lb buck for $12K damage and original bumper was "factory" flat black. Requested dealer body shop paint gloss-black with heavy clear on replacement bumper.. Now, it looks great and will probably last longer,, unless another buck finds me.. Cheers---K
  10. I too noticed "Silver Tape" on my replacement Condenser after being replaced due to deer hit late last year.. Brackets, Radiator, Bumper and LED lights were also replaced, deer was total loss.. Body shop manager stated that was "Factory" addition due to aftermarket parts... Was not on my original 2016 condenser.. Still curious for real truth,, but no issues with this part... Cheers---Keith
  11. 2016 gear change

    If you got the 4x4 set-up cheaper,, enjoy what you have.. Never know "when" you may need the xtra traction... Regarding front/rear gear replacements for the 3.08's, will you be towing, if so what trailer weight?? Current gears will work great for light trailer loads... Many gear suppliers out there,, check on Summit group for upgrades to include locker / trutrac.. PS: Good lookin Truck... Cheers---K
  12. Mudflaps

    I'm a Husky fan,,, they fit great, no drilling and in my opinion look the best on my RCSB... Of course,, many threads and articles on this subject but it's OK to re-state Husky products work and are a bit cheaper than WT's... Cheers---K
  13. Here Ya Go Bud.....]
  14. I have Husky Floor Mats and Front / Rear Mudflaps on my 2016 RCSB.. Great fit on mats and cheaper that WT's... Some folks have complained that WT's curl-up... Mud flaps were No Drill / easy install and like the look better than WT's in my opinion... Cheers----K
  15. Probably the High Pressure fuel pump / DI system when engine is "Cold" Not too noticable when engine is warm or operatiing temp.. When 5.3 is running in Park,, you will hear "tick" of DI pump.. Was one of the many new sounds I discovered with my 2016 RCSB / 5.3.. Cheers----K

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