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  1. Center console swap?

    Have you tested it connecting the hub from the radio module? Brown connector on radio module for io4/5/6 systems? BajaKing
  2. Cigarette Lighter

    Find it!!!!! APO 2 (15 amp) (Position 1) Driver´s side fusebox!!!! BajaKing
  3. Cigarette Lighter

    HI everyone, I need help, can not find lighter fuse, on a 2017 WT chevy silverado 1500, diagram description is so short I can not understand it. I blew it, can not find it!!!!! Thanks, BajaKing
  4. Exhaust

    My recommendation will ne flowmaster super 44, not too loud, nice sound!!! BajaKing
  5. Actually did it, and I was not able to turn the engine on until follow on screen instructions on cluster gauge "Open and Close driver window" did it and the truck started with no problem. Maybe there is a series of steps that we still don´t know that need to be follow in order for the BCM to activate or accept unprogrmmed modules, maybe. BajaKing
  6. Agree to you all, but I only programed HMI module and the rest worked just fine (Radio Module, Cluster Gauge). What I did not replace was telematics module since I am located in Mexico. BajaKing
  7. Dmac1984, Send me an e mail to [email protected] and I will write the procedure as simple as possible for you. My facebook is Eliot Vega. BajaKing
  8. Dmac 1984, Forgot to tell you that I did the steering wheel before doing the wiring mod. Swapping the steering wheel is pretty straigth forward, I did not change sppring coil since my steering wheel do not have te heating button, and voice commands worked perfectly.There is a tutorial video on youtube on how to change the steering wheel BajaKing
  9. Dmac1984, I did swap the complete cluster gaige for the color clister gauge, not only the color display, but additional to this, follow the wiring mod that Kyle wrote on this thread. If I were you, will search first for a compatible color cluster gauge ( I took the risk and did all the wiring, whether the color cluster gauge was compatible or not) asking to Chris at whiteautomedia.com so you can get a compatible cluster gauge with your truck and the follow Kyle instructions on the wiring modifications and install it. If it does not work, then send it to whiteautomedia for programming. Remembre that tou are doing this at your own risk. I am sharing my risky experience which came to a happy end. My 2 cents. BajaKing
  10. Hi Everyone, First of all thanks to Kyle and those who enriched this great mod!!!!!!! The other subject I would like to share is that I follow up to the letter this mod and everything worked perfect, but experienced several good things for you all to knwon. First I own a 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 WT (Assembled in USA) which had io3 system. On a trip to a dismantler bussiness (El Tapatio Dismantler, near San Diego California) bought for $120 USD 10" touchscreen, HMI (2.0), Radio Module, Color cluster Gauge, and telematics module. I took my truck to a local shop in order to make the Upgrade (To io 5) and they were able to program HMI only, they could not program Cluster Gauge nor the Radio Module, therefore only 10" Touchscreen worked fine. Last weekend I started to review upgrade wiring according to pgamboa advice (Thanks for that) and found two missing wires on the HMI module, after connecting the wires the bluethooth still did not worked fine, so decided to replace io3 radio module for io5 radio module and everithing worked fine, even though owner of the shop told me they were not able to program radio module. Once I did the swap (io5 radio module replaced io3 module) bluethooth worked perfectly, radio, cd player, everything worked fine, but most surprising thing to me was that today I took the risk of doing the color cluster gauge mod without knowing if it was a compatible part number nor being programmed by whitautomedia or local shop, and everything worked perfectly!!!! The questions that suddenly emerged are: Am I a lucky bastard that found 100% compatible replacement parts for the upgrade? or only HMI module requires programming? since radio module nor cluster gauge were reprogrammed before I install the Cluster Gauge. The only indicator that appeared when I switch the car on was "Theft Deterrent active, close and open Driver Window" I did it and that was all, rigth now cluster gauge is beautifull compared to monochromatic. I am attaching a bunch of pictures so you can see I am not lying about this project. I am not trying to hurt anybody´s bussines but I belive we have to realize that may be only one module needs reprogram in order for the rest of modules to activate, or maybe doing the complete rewiring will put to work the rest of the modules. I would like the input of an expert on this. BajaKing
  11. Looking for chrome headlight bezels

    There is a member here that knows how to remove the headlight bezels so you can send them chrome or do it yourself. I just can not remember who is. Sorry!!!!!!!
  12. Lights

    Yes, I have installed a 52" led light bar in the bumper, looks great and works really good!!!!!!!
  13. You can weld it. A small part of flat metal to weld it open against the pipe will be more than enough to hold it open. BajaKing
  14. Hello everyone, I would like to ask for advices on the following modification I want to make: I have a 2017 Silverado WT, so the bumber does not have any type of lights and would like to make a large cut to fit a curved 52" led light bar, I am planing to attach (Weld) a metallic mesh (Grill) as protection, but would like to read from you what can be the proper way or most clean way to make a clean cut on the bumper? I am not by any mean a metal expert nor I have the tool to make the cut, but before take it to a chop would like to hear ideas from all of you!!! Thanks!!!!

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