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  1. KCHilites Cyclone

    I tapped them in the taillight. Used poistaps available on amazon.
  2. KCHilites Cyclone

    I tapped my backup lights, no relay.
  3. KCHilites Cyclone

    They make a big difference. Had some bullet leds in first, 50 lumens, and they weren't worth the effort. These are 500 lumens and were worth the effort.
  4. Found a great spot for them. Old eyes can use the extra light.
  5. HIDs in Projectors and HIDs in yellow tint housing

    Ya and look at the glare they throw. No way should HIDs be put in a reflector housing
  6. I removed the tow hooks and mounted some flush mount Rigid lights. Ran the wire through the firewall and mounted the switch in the overhead.
  7. On my 2014 2 door they were fine when new. By 30000 miles no way I was going through another winter with them.
  8. GM Smart Phone Apps

    Nope just tried. Get "shop now", "Call an OnStar Advisor" option only.
  9. Power Outlet in Dash

    Broke the top off the fuse when I moved it, problem is I can't find a replacement. The Dealer only shows a 40 amp but it's a 50 amp. I've searched the several different parts stores online and can't find one. Any suggestions?? Thanks Had to make a couple of stops, but found a 50amp replacement at advance
  10. I've been looking at the Defender for my Silverado, again mixed reviews....only have 19000 miles on the Goodyear Eagles but I don't think I want to go through another winter with them.
  11. I just see it around the drains under the hatch for the bed divider.
  12. It appears to still have a little water in the bed, but it is channeled to the drains better, Haven't had it out in a "downpour" yet, but it appears better then prior to the TSB repair.
  13. Mine was finally finished Tuesday, a process that started the week of Memorial Day. I never considered it a "severe" leak. The new panels do seem to lock together much tighter. Guess we'll see if the fix makes the bed water tight. In the mean time I've come up with a hack for my truck that solves the problem. Made a pull out tray and have a 4'x6' bag. For me it's not a huge deal, I bought the truck because it was distinctive and it was $9500.00 off before my supplier discount.
  14. "Water-resistant storage unit helps protect cargo from extreme elements". I'm not a lawyer but I think GM covered their ass.

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