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  1. I did it two years ago, so I don't remember step by step. Basically.... I removed the tow hooks cut the air dam so the lights would fit drilled holes for mounting screws mounted lights with an up/down bracket from rigid, used a piece of aluminum on backside of air dam for a little extra strength, even with the up/down bracket I had to shim the bottom to get a good alignment ( i used a piece of rubber) mounted relay near battery and ran the wire through the firewall through the access hole neat the steering knuckle. (found it on youtube) removed a-pillar and overhead (also youtube) loosened headliner and ran wire. mounted the Rigid switch in the overhead.
  2. Great pattern...did spot. They are a little high, I had to shim them even with the up/down mounting brackets from rigid, but I got tired of taking them apart figured they were close enough. I get flashed once in a awhile, but screw it. Took some time to get the wire up to the overhead. thought about running another wire while I had it apart, wish I would have now.
  3. Rigid flush mount srq, rigid switch in overhead....
  4. I used Rigid SR-Q flush mount lights and the Flush mount up/down gasket and I still had to "shim" the gasket a little. Also, I cut some aluminum for the back to add a little support to air dam.
  5. Just drilled a hole and used stainless steel hardware. Wires had to go off to the side, then I just tapped the backup lights and whala....
  6. The lights are Rigid SQ-R flush mounts. I used the mounting blocks from Rigid and still had to shim the bottom to level them. I just cut a hole in the air dam, used a piece of thin metal on the back of the air dam to add a little stability. Ran the wire to the overhead.
  7. Tried this when I went to peel the "overspray" I peeled off a letter. So I just debadged it. It's looks great and is easier to wax.....
  8. 3 bucket wash...3:46 hand dried, interior cleaned, tires blackened. That was Saturday. Liquid Glass.. painted surfaces, including door jams, all the chrome and glass, detailed black surfaces...on Sunday....4:46. If I'm going to spend that much money on something I'm going to take care of it, besides there's no college football on what the hell else I'm I going to do. Oh yeah it took 7 beers wax it.
  9. I also received the letter. Wonder if we should claim we've experienced the problem and take it in and get it upgraded now....
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