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  1. CANbus?

    backup lights don't need canbus. I never changed the others.
  2. Dumb Noob Question

    I didn't receive a special "owners manual" for the High Desert package. All I know is that when the doors are locked the lids and the tailgate is locked.........
  3. Dumb Noob Question

    If they're not locking with the key fob there is a problem with the wiring ill bet
  4. Dumb Noob Question

    When you lock the four doors they should be locked too.
  5. High Desert Package

    It books at a 4 hour job, looks like you have to totally dismantle the insert. Might as well have it done, may not make it totally waterproof but it might make it better and if GM is going to cover it...why not.
  6. I've searched the internet and can't find a definite answer. Is it suppose to be waterproof? Does anybody know for sure? TXS Think I need a smaller truck, it just took 7 1/2 to wash and wax.......
  7. I did the same, but I think it's more of "think more work less".......
  8. Cosmetics - badging

    On my 14 Silverado I painted the Bow Ties with gloss black and then added 2 coats of clear, they looked great and waxed fine. The only problem was stone chips, had to redo the front one. On my 17 Silverado I used plasti-dip and left them flat black. The flat looks better in my opinion.
  9. Light Mounting option for 17/18 Sierra? Paste this in the search window I took out the recovery hooks on my Silverado....
  10. I need center front floor ideas

    Why don't you back it in, then you don't have to slide over.......
  11. Accessory Power Outlets

    That's logical, but I wasn't sure about the wiz kids.
  12. Accessory Power Outlets

    60-40 bench
  13. I've tried searching the forum, I've read the owners manual and I stopped at the dealership. How are the outlets numbered, I've found the fuse locations, but they are labeled Accessory Power Outlet 1..2...3....4 and I can't figure out the sequence within the truck. Probably missed something in all my searching.....TXS
  14. Sports Bar LED Wiring

    Without knowing exactly your application. I'd probably tap the harness once and the split that to the two lights.
  15. Sports Bar LED Wiring

    These work great, used them to tap into my back-up lights. https://smile.amazon.com/Lockitt-POSI-TAP-pack-connectors-20-22/dp/B001MPW54G/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1515772250&sr=8-7&keywords=wire+taps

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