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  1. Tapped the backup lights, pretty easy.....
  2. The lights are Rigid SQ-R flush mounts. I used the mounting blocks from Rigid and still had to shim the bottom to level them. I just cut a hole in the air dam, used a piece of thin metal on the back of the air dam to add a little stability. Ran the wire to the overhead.
  3. That's what I did. Rigid flush mounts
  4. Tried this when I went to peel the "overspray" I peeled off a letter. So I just debadged it. It's looks great and is easier to wax.....
  5. 3 bucket wash...3:46 hand dried, interior cleaned, tires blackened. That was Saturday. Liquid Glass.. painted surfaces, including door jams, all the chrome and glass, detailed black surfaces...on Sunday....4:46. If I'm going to spend that much money on something I'm going to take care of it, besides there's no college football on what the hell else I'm I going to do. Oh yeah it took 7 beers wax it.
  6. I also received the letter. Wonder if we should claim we've experienced the problem and take it in and get it upgraded now....
  7. HIDs in a reflector housing = glare for other drivers
  8. If all else fails give that stuff in my pic a shot. Ive used it to restore hevily oxidized paint over the years. Good luck. I've got three coats on mine, it's all I use. Fantastic stuff
  9. I tapped them in the taillight. Used poistaps available on amazon.
  10. I tapped my backup lights, no relay.
  11. They make a big difference. Had some bullet leds in first, 50 lumens, and they weren't worth the effort. These are 500 lumens and were worth the effort.
  12. Found a great spot for them. Old eyes can use the extra light.
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