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  1. that 19 to 20mpg is a good # that's what I have got on the first 1000 miles 2017 3500hd 6.6
  2. I don't have one did look for one but bought a 3500hd single wheel duramax then see one in the next town over in pleasant hill mo. it is a nice truck for sure
  3. I had a 69 3/4 ton Chevrolet and a 73 3/4 4x4 both used my first new one a 1978 3/4 4x4 Chevrolet ,,$ 6380 brand new and it ran over 200k with out a repair wish I had it back bet the 2017 3500 hd I have now wont make it there with no work !!!! please post your first and the price !!!! its fun to look back thanks !!!!!!!
  4. thanks for all the replies I appreciate all feedback .Cubfarm
  5. how do I get more h power out of my 2017 3500hd 6.0 without voiding the warranty . it has plenty of load capability just lacks on steep grades . any idea's
  6. my first new one a 1978 3/4 ton 4x4 Chevrolet $6380 ran it for over 200k and it was still going !!!!!
  7. I like the zero % myself but did like selling my old truck for cash !!!!

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